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9 Best Green Crystals You Should Keep With You All The Time

Green Crystal

Healing crystals are powerful and effective to heal your soul mind and body. If you’re interested in crystals, there are a few crystals that you must buy to experience the good energies and vibrations to the fullest.

Among such amazing crystals and gemstones, there are green crystals that are very helpful in the healing of many visible and invisible difficulties in your life. Like every other healing stone, different green healing crystals have different healing benefits.

I have listed such 9 best green crystals to help you choose the best ones.

9 Best Green Crystals

1. Green Aventurine

Green Crystal

Green aventurine is the crystal for growth. It enables you to let go of the old habits, patterns, and disappointments and encourages you to grow above them.

With this green crystal, you start to embrace change, be optimistic, and feel the zest for life. Green aventurine is known to enhance creativity, build confidence, and clear mental confusion.

Use this crystal to maneuver obstacles in life, relieve anxiety, and feel compassion. Along with emotional and mental healing, green aventurine is also good for your thymus gland and nervous system.

2. Green Jade

Green Crystal

Green jade attracts good luck and fortune. This green crystal has been used for ages to cure diseases and illnesses.

In fact, green jade is often used for making skincare tools like face rollers and Gua sha since it is highly beneficial at rejuvenating the skin cells. When green jade touches your skin, it cools down the skin temperature. This cooling helps with reducing puffiness, brightening the complexion, and promoting better blood circulation.

This crystal is also effective in strengthening friendship and relationship bonds. It brings calmness and comfort to a relationship.

3. Peridot

Green Crystal

Peridot is another great green crystal for relationships. It is the crystal for compassion and is known to enhance peace and love in a relationship by balancing the mind and emotions.

You can keep Peridot in your bedroom or under the pillow since is known to offer restful sleep and improve health. You can also wear a crystal pendant made of this crystal since it offers harmony, peace, good fortune, good health, and peacefulness.

4. Green Onyx

Green Crystal

Green onyx holds the power to free you from stress, anxiety, worries, and fears. This green crystal is commonly used for purity and restfulness. It improves your mental and allows you to make wiser decisions for a better life.

It connects you with higher power by aligning your energies and guiding you to your higher consciousness. It allows you to look forward to the future and instills vigor, steadfastness, and stamina.

5. Malachite

Green Crystal

Malachite is an excellent green crystal for physical healing. It boosts the nervous and immune systems. Malachite is good for epilepsy, fractures, asthma, blood pressure, arthritis, joint pains, vertigo, travel sickness, spleen, the optic nerve, pancreas, and parathyroid.

This healing crystal also makes the recovery from all kinds of cancer treatments fast. Malachite is the gemstone to spark your life and attract good luck.

6. Zoisite

Green Crystal

Zoisite encourages the return to healthy living. It encourages you to return to relaxation, healthy habits, return to self and one’s center.

Zoisite works as a reset button in your life. The creative energies of Zoisite promote growth and fertility in every area of your life. It keeps you away from anxiety and obsessive thoughts and improves your connection with the outer world.

7. Moss Agate

Green Crystal

Moss agate is the best green crystal for emotional balance. It enhances the sense of tranquility and balance of emotions. If you experience a strong feeling of aggression and overwhelming emotions, then moss agate is extremely useful to you.

As its name suggests, moss agate is the stone of nature. It brings you close to nature to make you realize the ultimate reality. It draws the calm and peace within you. Moss agate puts a huge effect on your mind. It enhances your analytical skills, concentration, and perception.

8. Tree Agate

Green Crystal

Tree agate strengthens your physical, mental, emotional, as well as your spiritual body. It calms your nerves and instills inner peace. If you meditate with tree agate, it helps you get into the meditative state very easily. This makes it an excellent green crystal for meditation.

Keeping tree agate in your office can help you achieve the workspace balance. It stabilizes your energies so that you can be the pleasant, smart, confident, motivated, and respected person in your office.

9. Emerald

Green Crystal

Emerald improves your reasoning and arithmetic ability. It promotes vitality and growth. It is also one of the best green crystals for physical healing such as the healing of sinuses, infectious illnesses, diabetes, rheumatism, and improving visions.

Emerald is also said to release freshness and soothing energies. It allows you to be patient, compassionate, clear and focused.

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The green crystals mentioned in this article are powerful and effective to make your day-to-day life better. Use these healing crystals for jewelry or keep them as a centerpiece in your home.

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