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Labradorite Crystal: Meaning, Properties, Benefits, & More

Labradorite Crystal Meaning, Properties, & Benefits

Certainly, there are many questions and curiosity around the Labradorite crystal. And to be honest, this blackish-blue-green gemstone has always managed to grab our attention too.

So I wanted to make sure that when you read this article, you learn everything about this healing crystal. Here, you’ll be learning about the meaning, uses, healing properties, and benefits of labradorite crystals.

Without talking anymore, let’s jump right into the article and explore this amazing crystal.

What is Labradorite Crystal?

Labradorite crystal is a semi-precious stone that is known to bring clarity, and protection to our lives. It is a crystal believed to enhance our metaphysical abilities and follow our path in life. You can wear it as a locket, necklace, ring, or carry it as a palm stone if you want.

To learn more about the labradorite stone, here are the healing benefits of labradorite crystals on different levels.

Healing Benefits Of Labradorite Crystal

Physical Healing

It’s hard for people to believe that Crystal can have physical healing benefits as well. But that’s true. Many stones have shown great healing benefits to a physical state.

In our physical state, this healing crystal is a mystical stone that relieves problems in respiration, digestion, and metabolism. At the same time, this gemstone also helps reduce our stress, fight mental health issues like anxiety and depression.

Other physical healing benefits of labradorite stone are:

  • It improves your blood circulation
  • Enhances your sense of sight
  • Relieves painful period
  • Reduces tension

Emotional Healing

Emotional health is one of the most important parts of life. It is the reason why we take most of our decisions and keep or remove people we know. If this health is tempered, the effect can be very hard to recover from.

These healing crystals make sure that you have a healthy mindset. One that’s blissful, irrespective of the situation, and has the ability to make better and fair decisions.

Other emotional healing benefits of labradorite crystals are:

  • Boost self-confidence
  • Enhances determination
  • Provide mental strength
  • Improves courage & focus
  • Becomes goal-oriented person

Spiritual Healing

After learning about ‌physical and spiritual healing, let’s focus on ‌spiritual healing as well. This crystal is among the healing crystals that are used to protect our spiritual selves. 

It is a stone that ensures that no external factors, negative energies, and evil eye can harm your inner strength.

Other spiritual healing benefits of labradorite stone are:

  • It is connected to Throat Chakra & Third Eye Chakra
  • Helps you speak the truth and make the right decision.
  • The stone enhances our sense of understanding intention
  • Strengthen your manifestation and meditation

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Labradorite Chakra & Zodiac Sign

Just like every healing crystal, labradorite stone works with your Chakras to cleanse your energy and create a streamlined flow through your body.

Specifically, labradorite stone aligns your throat chakra, as well as your Third Eye chakra.

These are the two chakras that are responsible for intuition, understanding, communication, and response.

These are the chakras that will help your metaphysical strengths grow, attain higher wisdom in life.

The zodiac sign that is most attracted towards the labradorite stone is the Cancer sign.

Who should wear Labradorite Stone?

Labradorite stones are among the best crystals for our upper chakras. That is why everyone looking to advance their spiritual journey should wear Labradorite stone.

Its metaphysical healing will ensure that all the negative energies are pushed away from you and you can enjoy the true feeling of bliss.

Final Words

Above, we have discussed everything that can help you understand labradorite crystals in a much better way.

But we must understand that the true power of this stone can’t be just learned about.

It is a stone that can only be experienced when one opens up to this experience.

That’s the reason Labradorite is among the most trendy crystals that are being kept and worn as jewelry.

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