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8 Best Happy Crystal For Happiness, Energy, Joy & Wisdom

8 Best Happy Crystal For Happiness, Energy, Joy & Wisdom

Happiness is a form of energy that is high transmissible. There are days when, for no reason, we feel light, energetic, and full of positivity. Cause the source is within us. But sometimes this energy is blocked by all the negativity we surround ourselves with.

And that’s when we need happy crystals in our life. These crystals for happiness are a natural source of energy and positivity that we can surround ourselves with.

Whenever negativity surrounds us, the energies of the stone will ensure that they can’t stick to us and block our inner source of happiness. For that reason, here are the 8 best happy crystals to lift up your mood, and make you feel happy and energetic the whole day.

Without taking any more time, let’s dive in and explore the world of happy crystals.

8 Best Happy Crystals To Make You Feel Happy

1. Citrine

citrine happy crystal bracelet

When we are looking for the best happy crystals, Citrine is a stone that has to be mentioned first. It is a crystal filled with the positive energy of the sun, making sure that our energy stays pure and illuminating. If you tend to feel out of energy and emotionally exhausted, Citrine crystal can really help you lift up your spirit and regain the energy of a child within you.

2. Rose Quartz

rose quartz happy crystal bracelet

Happiness is overrated, when not complemented with self-love. And when that’s the case, Rose Quartz is the best crystal for happiness. It is the happy crystals, that clear our judgement, fill us with positivity and self-love, and guide us toward being our true selves. Rose Quartz is a really powerful crystal that you can use to attract love and make you feel blissful in your life.

3. Lapis Lazuli

lapis lazuli crystal for happiness pendant

The stone Lapis lazuli is a powerful blue colour stone that represents the clarity of emotions in our life. It helps us overcome the overwhelming situation and keeps our emotions in check. If you are suffering from social anxiety, this happy crystal will help you build the confidence of a king and bring clarity to your life.

4. Carnelian

carnelian crystal for happiness bracelet

When we are looking for the best crystals for happiness, we are looking for happy crystals that can help us feel grounded, satisfied and full of energy within current situations and circumstances. Carnelian being the sacral chakra stone, helps us attain just that. It enhances our creativity and fills us with the energy to stay positive in every situation of our life.

5. Clear Quartz

clear quartz happy crystal pendant

Clear Quartz, also known as the master healer is sure of the best happy crystals that we can use in our life to feel happy, joyous and positive the whole day. It is a crystal that heals us at all levels of being. Be it physical, spiritual, and emotional. This harmony within us brings a positive outlook to our life and keeps us blissful in every situation.

6. Tiger Eye

tiger eye happy crystal wand

In our life, we come across situations where we have to take tough decisions. And lack of perspective and understanding can put us in a deep pit. That is when we can use Tiger eye crystal for happiness. It is a happy crystal that was worn by leaders for prosperity and leadership in their life. When you wear this, tiger eye happy crystal will improve your perception of the future and help you take better decisions in life.

7. Bloodstone

bloodstone happy crystal

The flow of energy within our body is the flow of harmony and happiness within us. Bloodstone ensures that this flow is not interrupted by anything and we are filled with motivation and creativity in our life. You can place the Bloodstone crystal for happiness at your home or workplace to ensure a joyous lifestyle.

8. Moonstone

moonstone crystal for happiness

Feeling like you are on the wrong path in your life and are uncomfortable within your own skin? That’s when our inner tides our off-balanced. And when that’s the case there is no better happy crystal than Moonstone. Powerful feminine energy comforts us and fills us with a sense of calmness in our life. Simply put the stone beside your bedside and you are all set to enjoy all your experience.

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Happy crystals are essentially the building blocks of our inner peace and calmness. They ensure that when the situations are tough outside, you stay sane and confident within yourself.

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