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Top 10 Confidence Crystals To Wear Everyday And Boost Confidence

Confidence Crystal

If you’re someone who doubts every decision you make and lack self-confidence, then this article is for you.

Healing crystals are filled with amazing healing benefits and can genuinely help you feel more valued, confident, brave, and wiser.

These 10 best confidence crystals will help you gain self-confidence, self-awareness, and self-actualization.

10 Best Confidence Crystals to Wear Everyday

1. Garnet

Confidence Crystal

Garnet is a beautiful deep red crystal that is powerful at boosting confidence. It aids in better blood circulation which leads to better working of the mind. You feel more confident and make wiser decisions. Fire your passion, creativity, desire, and strengths with this amazing healing crystal.

2. Sunstone

Confidence Crystal

Sunstone brings pleasure to your life. Using this confidence crystal helps in restoring happiness and peace of mind. Just like the rays of the sun, it enlightens your mind and makes you value yourself. It teaches you to put yourself on your priority list and be confident with your actions.

3. Carnelian

Confidence Crystal

Carnelian wards off negativity and attracts positivity in life. It promotes joy in life and improves your mental health. People vastly prefer carnelian because it’s the stone for courage. It makes you brave and helps you fight your insecurities. With this healing stone, you never feel afraid and have the courage to voice your opinions, stand your ground, and make wiser decisions.

4. Tiger eye

Confidence Crystal

Tiger eye is one of the best crystals for confidence. It brings focus to your mind and allows you to be very rational. This healing crystal is powerful at protecting you from the evil eye. Tiger eye helps you enhance your strengths and confidence and build courage within you. Keep this healing stone to always feel brave, motivated, and positive.

5. Sodalite

Confidence Crystal

If you’re feeling stuck creatively because of low self-esteem and confidence, then sodalite is the confidence crystal for you. It allows you to be bold and talk openly about your thoughts. It gives you confidence and courage to express your true feelings and say goodbye to self-confidence and self-esteem issues.

6. Citrine

Confidence Crystal

Citrine enhances creativity, brings joy, and encourages self-confidence. As it helps you to center and control your energies, you feel capable to make important decisions quickly and wisely. Citrine offers you an optimistic perception and ensures that you stay away from anxiety, depression, and stress.

7. Green aventurine

Confidence Crystal

Green aventurine is known to offer courage, confidence, strength, and happiness. It is one of the best crystals for confidence because it pushes you to have a confident mindset that helps you attract optimism, seek new opportunities, let go of your comfort zone, and welcome a healthier lifestyle.

8. Jade

Confidence Crystal

Jade is associated with the heart chakra. It activates your heart chakra to make you more courageous and expressive. The powerful vibrations of this healing crystal release blockages and promote a better flow of energies. This opens you up and provides you the confidence you need to be yourself and be fearless.

9. Amazonite

Confidence Crystal

Amazonite is the complete powerhouse. This healing gemstone inspires honor, truth, self-love, self-confidence, self-awareness, integrity, clarity, communication, trust, clairvoyance, and openness. It gives you the strength to take tough decisions confidently. Unlock your mind, psychic abilities, and spirit with amazonite.

10. Black tourmaline

Confidence Crystal

Black tourmaline is a protection crystal. It guards you against negativity that is outside as well as within you. It casts away the negative and under-confident thoughts that you’ve been building within you. These thoughts can hold you back from being yourself and living fully. This confidence crystal banishes them all and gives you the strength to leave the old, negative thought patterns behind and welcome power in your personality.

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Confidence is a crucial trait to live your life to the fullest and be brave enough to make tough decisions in life. Feeling under-confident can prevent growth and development in your life.

Feel confident and powerful with these amazing confidence crystals. It’s best to wear crystal jewelry or keep these crystals for confidence in your home to feel those powerful energies all day long. You can also keep them in your car and office. You can also take them with you whenever you’re going for some event that needs confidence such as exams, interviews, or when you want to express your feelings.

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