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5 Best Palm Stone Benefits, Uses, Meaning & More For Crystal Lovers


Palm stones are beautiful oval-shaped, palm-sized healing crystals. These are polished to perfection to give it the smooth texture that your palms love.

There are various crystal palm stone uses since these possess powerful healing benefits that can help you with internal as well as external healing. In this article, I’ll be telling you about the top 5 effective palm stone uses and their respective healing crystals that you should be using.

5 Powerful crystal palm stone benefits and uses

1. Physical healing

Palm Stone

Crystal palm stones are very effective in physical healing. Though different healing crystals have different physical healing properties, their shape itself is great for physical healing.

You can easily use these as stepping stones to use the palm stone for feet. Their round mounted shape is perfect to press all the pressure points at the bottom of your feet.

Plus, they are great for massaging to remove any blockages in nerves to allow better blood flow, relieve pain, and leave a soothing effect. Similarly, you can use them for the back, neck, eyes, and arms too.

You can also choose to warm or cool them down to enhance the effect on the physical body. However, make sure that you do not heat or cool them at extreme temperatures as it may harm your healing crystals.

Using them for such purposes is more effective than using any other tool because these are made with healing crystals, and thus are also filled with crystal healing powers that amplify the effect.

Best healing crystals for physical healing:

1. Blood Stone

2. Malachite

3. Larvikite

2. Mental and spiritual healing

Palm Stone

These healing stones are widely used for healing emotional and mental health issues. Keeping them in the pocket or handbag ensures protection from all kinds of negativity wherever you go. People widely use crystal palm stone for anxiety, depression, and stress.

To attract positivity and get rid of all mental and emotional burdens, do this:

  • Find a peaceful corner in your home and sit in a relaxed position.
  • Simply hold them in both your hands.
  • Feel their smooth touch brushing against your skin.
  • Relax your mind and allow your thoughts and emotions to resurface
  • Once you’re into it, start to feel their energies and vibrations healing you
  • You may feel a sudden shift in your energies.
  • Their healing and soothing vibrations will throw out all the negativity and replace it with calm and positivity.

This process will also help you clean and uplift your spirit. If you’re using any healing crystals for psychic abilities, then they might also help you open your Third eye and connect you with the psychic realm.

Best healing crystals for mental health:

1. Amethyst

2. Rose Quartz

3. Clear Quartz

Best healing crystals for spiritual health:

1. Amethyst

2. Lapis Lazuli

3. Labradorite

Best healing crystals for emotional health:

1. Moonstone

2. Clear quartz

3. Black tourmaline

3. For sleep

Palm Stone

Palm stones are good for calm and restful sleep. Keep these in your bedroom to clear the energies or your bedroom and create a more lighter and peaceful aura so that whenever you enter the room, you are welcomed with tranquilizing energies.

As you go for sleeping, place it under your pillow to let its vibrations offer you the restful and dreamy sleep you deserve.

Keeping it under your pillow also ensures that your complete body feels weightless and your head is free from wandering thoughts and stress. This way, your mind, and body get complete rest to wake up with joy and energy for the whole day.

Best healing crystals for sleep:

1. Amethyst

2. Selenite

3. Howlite

4. Crystal bath therapy

Palm Stone

Crystal palm stones are excellent for crystal bath therapy. You can throw a few of them in your bathtub with essential oils or bath bombs to have a relaxing bath.

Since these are very smooth in texture, there’s no risk that they might scratch or cut your skin. You can easily use them to massage your whole body while sitting in your bathtub just the way you use a soap bar.

They’re great for rejuvenating your skin cells to give you a brighter skin complexion, youthful glow, and better elasticity to the skin while relieving bodily and mental stress. However, make sure that you’re not using any crystals that are not water-friendly since they might dissolve or lose quality.

I’d recommend you read my other blog about Crystal Bath Therapy to know the do’s and don’t and how you can do it in the most relaxing way.

Best healing crystals for crystal bath:

1. Rose Quartz

2. Green Jade

3. Carnelian

5. For the study

Palm Stone

When you start to feel heavy exhaustion from the long study hours, take a crystal break to fill you up with a boost of energy. Spending some time with crystals can instantly clear the fog of mental exhaustion and put your focus back on your studies.

Palm stones for study can even help you enhance your concentration and memorizing power to ace that test! Simply close your eyes to make them relaxed while holding on to your healing crystals. I’d also recommend you keep them at your desk to always make you feel energetic and full of determination.

Best healing crystals for study:

1. Fluorite

2. Tiger eye

3. Citrine

What is the difference between a palm stone and a worry stone?

Palm Stone

A palm stone and a worry stone are the same things. The only difference is that palm stones are slightly mounded at the top, whereas, the worry stones are slightly cupped at the top. These are made of healing crystals and carved oval-shaped and then polished for a smooth finishing. Palm stones are also known as worry stones since people widely use them to get rid of stress, worries, negativity, and depression.

Bonus Read

Crystal palm stones are highly useful for various healing purposes. Since they are small in size, you can easily hold them while meditating or wanting to feel their energies and carry them around wherever you go. It’s very easy to use these crystals and they are filled with innumerable and powerful healing properties.

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