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How to choose crystals for home and every room?

best crystal for your home

Let us start this article this way. Why would you like to get crystals for home and every room?

For most of us, our house is embedded with a lot of meaning. The home we make for ourselves is the place where we feel most comfortable, where we sleep and relax, and where we share precious moments with our family and friends. So investing time to make this place beneficial and safe for us and our guests it’s a pleasurable experience.

We can enhance the energy of our home by strategically placing crystals for home in every room of the apartment or house. And if you are not so sure about how to choose the and where exactly to place them, keep reading this article to find out our suggestions. 

Crystals for your kitchen and dining room

crystals for home

Perhaps you noticed that people tend to gather in the kitchen when you throw a party at home, even though you have other spacious rooms. You could say the kitchen is the heart of your home, the place where everyone gathers for a family meal; it’s a place that can create a sense of unity, and you can choose the following crystals for home, especially your kitchen:

  • Agate – it’s a grounding stone, perfect for your kitchen and dining room because it generates a calming, relaxing environment. Agates are also known to promote general good health and longevity.
  • Amazonite – you can place it in the heart of your home to promote harmony.
  • Chrysocolla – this stone purifies and stabilizes your home environment, but it’s a good choice for the kitchen due to its energy that promotes understanding, love, and good communication.
  • Jasper – will fill your kitchen with nurturing energy.

You can place these recommended crystals for home in your kitchen and dining room in various places, depending on whether you want them to be seen or not. Stash them in a cabinet if you’re going to keep their sight only for yourself. Or feel free to incorporate them into a table centrepiece.

If you want to make the stones’ beautiful appearance accessible to your guests, place them on windowsills. The crystal towers will look incredibly gorgeous if some flowers and herbs accompany them. And of course, if you have potted plants, you can add agate, amazonite, jasper, or chrysocolla to them.

Crystals for your bathroom

crystals for home

Even though the bathroom doesn’t seem like an important room to place your crystals, it’s a very personal and necessary part of our homes. For some of us, it’s an escape place or an environment where we recharge our batteries and pamper ourselves.

We can use the bathroom as a spa-like retreat and enjoy a hot bubbly bath with candles and maybe some plants. And when we don’t spend a lot of time in our bathrooms for hygiene and relaxation, it’s still the place we use when we don’t feel well physically. 

So we want to encourage a sense of tranquillity and also choose crystals with nurturing and healing properties for the bathroom:

  • Peridot – is known to have good healing properties; it also regulates cycles.
  • Green fluorite – helps with clearing and creating a fresh feeling.
  • Emerald – is considered the best crystal for skin beauty and is known for its anti-ageing properties. 

You can place these crystals for home on the edge of the bathtub or sink. Or simply put them on a shelf near your candle or beauty products. Just remember to cleanse and charge the crystals before using them for your bathroom and the other rooms in your home.

Crystals for your bedroom

crystals for home

Your bedroom’s energy is essential as this room is both a place for retreating and for love and passion. You might want your bedroom quiet and serene, where you can relax and get restful nights, happy dreams and sometimes take your time to heal. But perhaps you would also like this to be a nourishing place for your love life, so the following crystals for home might be what you need:

  • Lepidolite – dispels your nightmares while reducing anxiety and stress.
  • Amethyst – promotes a good night’s sleep and a peaceful and spiritual atmosphere.
  • Rose quartz – is a good crystal for relationships as it helps with emotions and promotes universal love and forgiveness.
  • Moonstone – enables you to relax, calm down, and sharpens your intuition.
  • Garnet – place it in the bedroom if you wish to remember dreams easily; it also promotes patience and love.
  • Rhodonite – is also a good choice for love and calming energy.

With calming and gentle energy, these stones can be placed alone or as a combination of stones next to your bed or on a windowsill. Some people prefer to place these crystals for home under their pillow or even under the mattress for a night of soothing sleep, but you can choose what feels comfortable.

Crystals for your home office or study

crystals for home

Whether you work from your home or a different location, you need a place in your house where you can focus on your paperwork, computer work, or studying. You might want the energy in your workspace to support your ability to focus, but at the same time, to manage stressful moments with calm.

Our office or study is where we surround ourselves with electronic devices, from computers and laptops to cell phones and WI-FI, which emit harmful electromagnetic radiation. You can choose crystals for money that will protect you from these radiations and combine them with stones and gems that will fit your needs for your home workplace:

  • Shungite – absorbs and neutralizes the harmful EMF radiation from electronic devices.
  • Tiger’s eye -is the must-have crystal for focus, prosperity, and manifesting your ideas into reality.
  • Hematite – you can have it in your home office if you need manual dexterity; it is also known to stimulate one’s focus and concentration.
  • Aragonite – helps with accepting responsibilities while promoting patience.
  • Vanadinite – have it in your office to facilitate mental processes.
  • Pyrite – protects you from negative energy while enhancing your understanding and memory.
  • Sodalite – supports logical thinking and objectivity.

It’s good to know that Shungite works best when placed near your electronic devices. You can set the other recommended crystals for home on your desk or display crystal towers on the shelves. You can enjoy both their benefits and pleasing decorative touch, or you can put them in a drawer if that suits you best.

Crystals for your living room

crystals for home

Like the kitchen, your living room is a social place where your dear ones gather for a relaxing, fun time and entertainment. While a displayed piece can make a good conversation starter, you might also want to choose crystals for home that have balanced energy, a positive vibe warding off negative energy:

  • Apophyllite – it’s the perfect choice for bringing in positive energy and uplifting the vibes.
  • Selenite – is excellent for a peaceful atmosphere; you can use it in the living room to cleanse the aura.
  • Clear quartz – helps purify and amplify the energy.
  • Black Tourmaline – brings positivity and happiness into your home; it is known for its protective and grounding properties.

These will look good on your coffee table or on bookcases. You can place them in all four corners of the room to feel like building a protective barrier.

Follow your intuition and make your home the best place for you

I suggested some crystals for home for the main rooms that will give the energy in your space a boost, but you can also just follow your intuition and intentions.

Depending on how big your place is, many other helpful stones can be placed at your front door, in the children’s room, storage or garage, or even on the balcony and garden. You can go with the flow and choose crystals for home that speak to you for protective energy, vitality, and overall safe space.

Remember, your intuition is a fantastic thing, and it might help you choose just the right crystals and gems for you. And whenever you need some guidance, don’t hesitate to ask the people passionate about crystals and geodes in your community.

About the author:

Xenia Mateiu loves to surround herself with crystals emanating positive and protective energy. Her love for crystals and gemstones led to her co-founding Village Rock Shop, a shop based in Carlsbad, California, that anyone can visit and enjoy its vibe.

She is always happy to share her expertise about crystals, gems, and locally handcrafted jewellery with customers who share the same passion and need guidance in choosing the best stone for them.