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7 Best White Crystals You Should Use To Feel Pure And Cleansed

White crystal

White crystals possess qualities just as their appearance – clean, clear, and pure. If you’re looking to purify and cleanse your soul and attain peace with mental clarity, then these pure crystals are perfect for you.

Here’s the list of the 7 best white crystals that you should use for peace, harmony, and calmness. 

1. Selenite

White Crystal

Selenite is a natural purifier. It is often used in making gua sha and charging plates that are used for purifying the energies and cleansing the skin. It gives a divine white glow to the body and face when used in bathing.

Selenite provides clarity to your mind. It clears the blockages and purifies your inner body and soul. This healing crystal vibrates at a very high frequency and cleanses the energies and aura of every place where it is placed. It is one of the best white crystals to feel peace and purity.

2. Clear Quartz

White Crystal

Just as the name suggests, the clear quartz is the clarity stone. It is known to improve mental clarity. It is the most used crystal for meditation and cleansing negative spaces.

Clear quartz is best for emotional stability and restorative works. You can use this white crystal for manifestation where this crystal can help with focus, clarity around a desire, and amplify psychic abilities.

3. Moonstone

White Crystal

Moonstone equals new beginnings. It is the talisman to keep when doing something positive in life. This white crystal is best for soothing emotions, relieving stress, and bringing balance to the emotions.

Moonstone enhances intuition, good fortune, success, calmness, inspiration, and love that fulfills you. It also builds hope, harmony, confidence, and enhances compassion, endurance, and creativity. Use moonstone to strengthen your psychic perception and refresh your soul.

4. Opal

White Crystal

Opal is best for physical healing. This white crystal can aid in the healing of eye-related problems and boost immunity. It enhances the artistic and creative abilities within you.

Use Opal to bring peace, good fortune, joy, and wealth. Opal has been used for ages to keep distance from the evil eye and attract good luck.

5. Pearl

White Crystal

Pearl is recommended to a person struggling with massive anger issues. This white crystal is helpful in balancing the emotions of a strained mind. As deep as the pearl lives in the ocean, as high it connects with the planets in the universe. 

Pearl minimizes the bad effects of the planets on you. It attracts the calm energies of the moon and instills peace within your mind, body, and soul. This healing crystal also attracts good fortune and enhances self-confidence. 

6. Howlite

White Crystal

Howlite is the attracter of knowledge. It is perfect to strengthen memory, improve communication, and enhance self-expression. Howlite white crystal alleviates stress, pain, and rage.

Howlite is a highly emotional stone. It vibrates vigorously to clear the blockages and let the emotions flow. Placing Howlite in your bedroom helps you get a deep, peaceful sleep. Also, it brings down the wall of negativity and constant chit-chat in your head to allow you to sleep without jumbling between stressful thoughts.

7. Scolecite

White Crystal

Scolecite is the crystal for spiritual transformation. It is a powerful crystal for communication and courage. This beautiful white gemstone instills deep inner peace and balances the Yin-Yang energies within you.

It is the crystal for wisdom. quick decision-making, and regret-free life. Scolecite recharges you from inside out. It is known for helping you with letting go of the past hurtful memories.

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Making you pure, calm, and balanced is the only purpose of these best white crystals. Most people prefer performing mediation with these crystals to cleanse the aura or wear white gemstone jewelry to feel.

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