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How To Organize Your Crystals? Organize & Protect Them

Organize Your Crystals

Organizing Crystals are one of the most satisfying things that one can do to relax. If you know +what you are doing, you’ll take out time to arrange and rearrange all your crystals just because you enjoy doing so.

But in case you are not, here are some simple tips to organize your crystals. Call them hacks as these are some quick ways that will help you organize your crystals and display them, in the best way possible.

In addition to all this, organizing crystals also makes it easy to keep track of them and protect them. If you are someone who tends to misplace their crystals, or someone looking for the best way to organize your crystals, this article is for you.

Let’s get started.

How To Organize Your Crystals?

There are various ways to keep your crystals organized and arranged. Here are our top picks.

Drawer Organizer

Organize Your Crystals

If you want to keep your crystals protected and hidden, organizing them into a drawer is a good idea. A much better idea would be to use drawer organizers. They are simple dividers in a draw that help you create small pockets and separation in a single drawer.

This allows you to keep all your crystals in a safe place and arrange them according to their size, shape, and type. In addition to this, keeping the crystals in a drawer can also make sure they are safe and protected.

Plano Box

Looking for something easy to carry around or showcase your crystals? The best suggestion would be a Plano box. A simple, transparent plastic box with adjustable dividers that you can use to organize all your crystals.

Now, be it different sizes or shapes, you can organize your crystal safely and beautifully. You can even get different boxes for different types of crystal, or get a different layer of Plano box if you have too many crystals to fit in a single box.

Makeup Organizer

Want to take one step ahead of the Plano box? You can go for the makeup organizer. It comes in various sizes, forms, and beautiful shapes that you can use for your crystals. And depending on your choice, whether to show them or not, you can find the perfect crystal organizer for yourself.

Custom Shelf

Organize Your Crystals
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This one is for your special crystals. The one that you’d like to flaunt in front of people in the best possible way. And there are no specifics here. Look up on Pinterest for creative shelves for crystals and you’ll find some of the best ideas.

Not just this, but you can even create your own personalized design for your shelves to flaunt your crystals.

Different Ways To Arrange Your Crystals

Organize Your Crystals

Now that we have shared simple ways to organize your crystals, now let us look at a simple list of how you can arrange your crystals.

The most popular ways to arrange your crystals are:

  • Alphabetically
  • According to their crystal family
  • As per the healing properties
  • According to their colors
  • According to their masculine and feminine energy

Bonus Read

Above, we have shared the best ways to organize your crystal. Now be it for your personal use or showcasing them at your shop. You can use these hacks to store and arrange your crystal the right way.   

And now we know one thing. In order to organize your crystal, all you need to do is find a place where you can keep all your crystal safe and at reach. Now be it your drawer, your makeup organizer, or the shelves. All you have to do is keep them clean and arrange them properly.

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