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Birthstone Crystals| 12 Crystals As Birthstone

Birthstone Crystals

When you are born, you are connected with a planet, a zodiac sign, and of course, a birthstone crystal.

There are many metaphysical properties associated with your crystal for birthstone that can help you enhance your inner strengths and make you more balanced and powerful.

There are different crystals for birthstones for different months.

The birthstone you wear works as stimuli of your physical, emotional, as well as emotional strengths.

If you’re looking to buy birthstone crystals wholesale or retail, make sure that you’re buying the best one and the right one that is made for you.

12 Crystals For Birthstone

January Birthstone


birthstone crystals

Garnet is the birthstone for people born in January. This deep red stone looks like a drop of blood and thus reflects its properties.

Garnet is a very high vibrational stone that is energizing and great at attracting success and passion.

This healing crystal releases emotional blockages and frees you from the shackles of deep-seated sadness. Garnet healing crystal fills you with strength, balance, and energy to overcome anything and everything in life.

February Birthstone


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Amethyst is a wonderful crystal for a birthstone if you’re born in February. This birthstone has a lot of benefits that aid in the healing of physical, mental, and emotional healing.

Amethyst healing crystal is best known to heal stress and anxiety. Another great benefit to wearing this birthstone is that it aids in the enhancement of immunity.

People also buy face rollers made with Amethyst as it helps with skin rejuvenation.

Amethyst crystal also helps in endocrine function, digestive health, reducing headaches, and improving hormones.

If you’re someone looking to stimulate your spiritual abilities, the Amethyst birthstone crystal is the one for you.

You can buy and wear Amethyst birthstone jewelry or carry this amazing crystal for birthstone in your pocket.

March Birthstone


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Aquamarine is the crystal for birthstone for those who managed to be lucky enough to be born in March.

As its name suggests, Aquamarine is a cooling crystal. This birthstone cools down the anger and rage.

Aquamarine crystal is also known to pull the old trauma to the surface and heal it.

By wearing this crystal for a birthstone, you attain immense peace, stress relief, and emotional healing.

April Birthstone


Birthstone Crystals

Shine like a diamond those who are born in April. Apart from just being a good investment, this birthstone crystal has more to it.

The diamond healing crystal is also the attractor of wealth, and confidence booster, and it also offerings spiritual benefits.

Diamonds put a great impact on the betterment of physical health. It has known to help with diabetes, urine issues, and skin problems.

This crystal for birthstone is highly recommended to people born in April since it brings them much abundance, clarity, and balance along with the other benefits.

May Birthstone


Birthstone Crystals

Emerald is a dark green, royal-looking crystal for birthstone. Its deep green color is just another symbol of its amazing properties related to growth.

The people born in May can wear emeralds to experience internal as well as external growth.

Emerald healing crystals are also considered best for fertility. This healing crystal is all about positivity, good health, good wealth, and happiness.

This birthstone crystal is also said to regulate blood regulation and reduce mental stress.

June Birthstone


Birthstone Crystals

Alexandrite is the most unique and fascinating birthstone. Just as unique as the people born in June are.

This healing crystal changes color throughout the day. Alexandrite is red at night and bluish-green or fluorescent in the daylight. If you keep this stone under the incandescent or candlelight, you’ll find it as purplish-red.

This healing crystal shields you from blood cancer, chronic disorders, protein digestion, relieve neurological problems, and more.

Apart from physical healing, it’s great at strengthening intuition, imagination, and creativity. One also experiences enhancement in the romantic life.

July Birthstone


Birthstone Crystals

Don’t get confused with the Garnet crystal for birthstone as they might look alike. However, where Garnet is deep red, ruby birthstone crystal comes deep pink in color.

You’ll understand the difference once you keep them under the light (probably!).

Ruby crystal enhances the leadership qualities within you, boosts confidence, promotes love, improves focus, strengthens bones, and also helps in fighting depression.

August Birthstone


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Peridot is a beautiful, sharp green-colored healing crystal. It has a similar color to fresh lemon leaves or a green parrot.

Peridot birthstone is known to bring vitality and strength to the bearer and obviously, enhances the qualities of the people born in August.

It is the healing crystal for warmth and happiness.

Buy a Peridot crystal birthstone and wear it daily. You’ll see bliss and peace coming your way and making you more confident and strong.

You can buy Peridot from anyone selling healing crystals wholesale or retail.

September Birthstone


Birthstone Crystals

Sapphire birthstone crystal has been associated with romance and royalty. This crystal for birthstone comes in various colors and each has its own unique properties along with fundamental healing benefits.

Sapphire healing crystal is great for spiritual and mental healing. It brings learning, mental acuity, and clarity.

If you’re someone into spiritual desires then Sapphire is said to work best at opening the Throat Chakra and the Third-eye Chakra.

You can cherish this birthstone and instill its benefits by wearing Sapphire jewelry like pendants or rings.

October Birthstone


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The crystal for birthstone for people born in October is Opal. Opal is best at curing eye-related issues and making the immune system really strong.

Opal looks beautiful milky in color and a pattern of the rainbow can be seen in it. Opal comes in various varieties and the appearance may differ, however.

This healing crystal brings happiness, fortune, peace, and joy to the wearer.

People struggling with infertility or sexual disorders can wear Opal for its healing benefits.

If your Rashi has Mahadasha or Antardasha of Venus are advised to wear Opal.

November Birthstone


Topaz crystal for birthstone works great for people born in November. This birthstone crystal dispels fears and anxieties.

This healing crystal also instills wisdom and clarity in the bearer. Rejuvenation of emotional and physical energies is another great healing property of Topaz birthstone crystal.

You get a glow of fresh energy as you keep wearing or carrying this crystal for birthstone with you.

December Birthstone


Birthstone Crystals

Another cool blue, breezy crystal for birthstone. Turquoise birthstone crystal ensures complete physical fitness.

This healing crystal boosts immunity and heals the diseases caused by pollution. You can use Turquoise birthstone crystal for problems like blood pressure, alcohol addiction, depression, asthma, migraines, and viral infections.

This cool stone cools your health by getting rid of all the toxins and makes you feel lighter and cleansed.

Final Words

Using crystals for birthstones is a great way to enhance the abilities given to you through your zodiac sign and the planets ruling them.

I have mentioned the primary crystal birthstone for people belonging each month.

Birthstone crystals are different for every group born in different months. Staying close to your crystal birthstone can make you feel more complete and get healed from the struggles.


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