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Health Crystals: How To Use Healing Crystals For Good Health

Health Crystals

Your health is comprised of three great divine Trinity of the body – Physical health, mental health, and spiritual health.

It is necessary that all your body, from the inside out, is in harmony and you are in good health. There is a huge misconception that healing crystals are only meant to heal your mind and soul. But these health crystals are great to heal your physical being as effectively as your mental and spiritual health.

There comes a variety of health crystals meant to heal your trinity of the body equally. You can use these crystals for good health and great peace in your life.

I am here to tell you about 5 such health crystals meant primarily for your mental, physical, and spiritual health.

Health Crystals for Physical Health

Though every crystal possesses the ability to heal your trinity in one way or the other, these health crystals work majorly to heal your physical health.

1. Ruby

Ruby is also called a crystal for blood. This is among the best crystals for health, especially for blood and heart health.

Ruby’s health crystal protects and supports the ventricles, the myocardium, and the heart coronaries. This healing crystal for health is great for warming the circulatory system.

Women are highly recommended to use Ruby health crystal as it is beneficial for menstrual disorders and also aids in the discomforts of menopause and calms it.

2. Apatite

Apatite is among the health crystals that must be used by people suffering from bone and teeth issues.

Apatite crystal for health helps in the better absorption of calcium which results in the better health of bones as well as teeth.

This health crystal is often used for people with weak bones and tooth pain. Along with this, Apatite healing crystals also help in fighting against viruses. This health crystal also promotes the formation of new cells.

3. Peridot

Peridot is a beautiful, bright, green health crystal. This is one of the crystals for health that is often bought most by people that buy crystal wholesale since it is very much in demand.

This unique and amazing health crystal works wonders for diseases related to the spleen, intestinal tract, breasts, lungs, and lymph.

Use this crystal for good health as frequently as possible.

Peridot health crystal is also used for healing poor effects on the gallbladder and liver. Also, this crystal is really good for sinuses, asthma, and complete lung health.

Keep the Peridot health crystal under your pillow as it promotes good sleep. Use it also if you suffer from thyroid, eye-related issues, and stomach issues.

Wow, so much about peridot there!

4. Clear Quartz

As its name suggests, Clear Quartz brings clarity and improves concentration. But, this crystal is also among the best health crystals for healing physical health.

Clear Quartz is best for boosting the immune system and fighting allergies. Use this crystal for health for balancing the complete body structure.

Clear Quart health crystal is also good at improving metabolism and helping digestion.

5. Lapis Lazuli

The properties of this health crystal are good for soothing inflammation, be it the inflammation of the stomach or on the skin.

Lapis lazuli is also the crystal for health as it helps both the nervous system as well as the respiratory system to fight problems better.

Use this crystal for health if you have any vocal issues. This health crystal heals the problems related to sore throat, vocal cord issues, and also thyroid.

Health Crystals for Mental Health & Emotional Health

1. Amethyst

Amethyst is the destroyer of anxiety and stress. This stress-buster is one of the best health crystals you can use to cure mental and emotional issues.

Amethyst is the crystal for health as it tranquilizes your mind and relieves strain. It soothes harsh mood swings, and irritability and dispels fear, anger, rage, and anxiety.

It is among the crystals for health that alleviates sadness, and grief, and dissolves negativity.

2. Bronzite

Bronzite can be one of the best crystals for health. Why? This health crystal majorly heals traumas, depression, and anxiety.

This health crystal helps you let go of painful memories, it encourages you to come out of the trauma and be in a good health. Bronzite dispels mental and emotional pain.

3. Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is the stone for love, one of the best health crystals. This healing crystal unblocks your heart and allows the love to flow freely and heal you emotionally and calm your mind.

Rose quartz health crystal promotes love, self-love, and belongingness, and reassures peace.

Rose quartz is among the best health crystals in times of grief. It helps you overcome the sadness and dispel negativity.

4. Sodalite

Sodalite is a healthy crystal that brings balance and heals panic attacks and reduces their frequency.

Sodalite is used to build self-trust, self-esteem, and self-acceptance. This crystal for health is also useful in enhancing wisdom.

5. Tiger-eye

Tiger-eye brings good luck to the bearer. It is a health crystal that promotes mental clarity and improves the focus of the mind.

The main objective of this health crystal is to uncloud the clouded emotions. Particularly used for the healing of psychosomatic illnesses, dispelling anxiety and fear.

Health Crystals for Spirit Health

1. Angel aura quartz

Angel aura quartz reflects a beautiful rainbow shine. Be ready to shine colorfully with Angel aura quartz. This health crystal fills your spirit with colors and bright energies.

It is a great aura cleanser and the builder of connections. This health crystal is also known to allow you to communicate with otherworldly spirits and find your guardian angel.

Fall in love with the opportunities and life that angel aura quartz brings forward for you.

Your spirit health can improve significantly with this crystal for health as it aligns and balances all your chakras and boosts their connectivity.

This makes your spirit calmer, harmonized, and powerful to reach its full potential.

2. Tree agate

Tree agate restores inner peace. Your spirit feels calm and nurtured and your body is fully relaxed.

Such properties of this health crystal make it an incredible meditation stone. Tree agate is associated with the energies of the forest. It entwines your energies with that of forests and makes you feel fresher and alleviated towards the high spirits.

Your spirit feels more connected with nature. It becomes freer like the wind of forests and is more energetic than the rustling leaves.

3. Selenite

Selenite is the cleanser of your aura. If you’re feeling heavy or fussy because of the energies around you, Selenite is the crystal for health to cure your spirit.

This crystal clears the heavy clouds and lightens your spirit. This crystal for health removes every blockage that is stopping your spirit from feeling complete and fulfilled.

Selenite crystal for health vibrated at a high frequency allowing you to access your intuition. It provides clarity, peace, and calm, and elevates the spirit.

4. Rhodochrosite

Rhodochrosite health crystal encourages aura defense. It is the talisman for happiness. Your spirit rejoices at the little moments of joy and lives the most out of life when you are under the possession of Rhodochrosite.

This crystal for health is also good for making you more focused on meditation and defining your spirit more clearly. You carve your spirit better with better focus.

With a safe aura and lightness around your head, this health crystal easily helps you free your spirit and wander to explore its realm.

5. Larvikite

Meditating with Larvikite health crystal can help you awaken your spirit and produce inner visions.

These visions can belong to some fragments from your previous life or let you connect with the other world.

Larvikite is among those crystals for health that enhance your psychic abilities and charge your spirit and the Third-eye chakra.

This crystal brings clarity to your past life visions and helps you see through your higher self.

Use Larvikite during your meditation sessions and feel your spirit lifting out of your body and searching for more meaningful energies around you. This will make you more aware and awakened.


The use of health crystals is an amazing way to heal physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

People use these crystals for health in various ways for various purposes. You can choose to wear crystal jewelry or carry a small health crystal inside your pocket for all-day healing.

Keep health crystals in your bedroom, office, or in your living spaces where you spend most of your time.

You can buy health crystals wholesale or retail as required. Using health crystals while performing yoga, meditation, or reiki can help you enhance your inner self, feel calmer, and achieve your meditation purpose more quickly.

These health crystals work well at activating the 7 chakras of the body to make you feel more balanced and peaceful.

Hold the health crystal palm stones in your hands, close your eyes, and start to meditate. Feel the health crystals brushing against your palm skin. Allow its vibrations to enter your body and flow freely to make you freer.


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