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Cancer Zodiac Sign: 5 Secret Personality Traits You Should Know

Cancer Zodiac Sign

Cancer zodiac sign is among the most complicated zodiacs to understand. It is symbolized by a crab and is the fourth sign in the zodiac chart.

Cancer is the zodiac sign for people born between June, 21 to July, 22. It is sometimes also associated with the initial letters of the name such as ‘Hi’, ‘Hu’, ‘He’, ‘Ho’, ‘Da’, ‘Di’, ‘Du’, ‘De’, and ‘Do’.

Cancer is known to be hyper-emotional, high-tempered, too-possessive, and clingy. There’s everything extreme with Cancer zodiac signs and they can find it very hard to balance their emotions.

Just like their sign is crab, they display the traits of being cold and rigid. However, from inside they are soft, sensitive, and caring.

Cancer Personality Traits In 5 Different Situations

Cancer Zodiac Sign

1. Cancer with themselves

Cancer zodiac signs often ignore their needs. They can never put themselves first.  It is very hard for these folks to let go of the grudges and old memories. You can often find Cancer swimming the pool of sad songs and unnecessary sadness.

Cancer does not find it hard to be with themselves. They enjoy being at home and prefer not to leave their room if they feel that there’s too much negativity and sadness outside.

They’ll listen to heartbreaking songs and movies. Here they try to relate with the most painful character and think that their life is the same.

Such Cancer personality traits make them a drama queen who feels he/she is always in a sad movie and fails to see the better side of life. This can often annoy and drain the person living with them.

2. Cancer as friends

Cancers are independent unless they find someone. They are great at keeping up with their friendships. They put no limits to their friendship and they never get bored of their friendships.

They’ll make you feel you are a part of the family. The problem starts when you decide to drift farther. Cancer zodiac signs are very bad at handling separations.

You can always find your cancer friends complaining about their issues, past relationships, and sad moments. They like to pour out all their sad emotions out once they are your friends.

Sharing and generosity are not among the Cancer personality traits. So, if you find your Cancer friends are sharing their food, clothes, or other things with you, then they must really like you.

3. Cancer with their family

Cancers will go to the end of the world for the protection and safety of their family. They are very supportive and love their family members unconditionally.

Because of their other Cancer personality traits, if they take a step that might hurt their family, they are constantly guilty and apologetic.

They enjoy spending time with their family and loved ones and caring for them – unless they fall in love!

4. Cancer in relationships

Cancer zodiac signs are very flirtatious and playful. But once they are in a relationship, they are very dedicated and loving. Their love-making style is very sentimental and extremely emotional.

Cancers can become very clingy and possessive in their love relationships. Thus, they should learn to give some space to their partners.

Their melodramatic attitude can easily put a negative impact on their relationships. They are prone to insecurity and are often left hurt when things don’t go according to them.

If you want to date a Cancer, make sure that you are always available for them – even if it’s 3 in the morning! Cancer requires constant attention, care, love, hugs, and talking. They can never get tired of being with you.

But, the worst part hits when you start to keep a distance or ask for your space. Cancers don’t like this idea at all. At this moment, they become very aggressive, cry a lot, and are even ready to hurt themselves physically as well as emotionally.

So, if you’re planning to date a Cancer, be ready to be in a rollercoaster of emotions that only goes up.

5. Cancer as enemies

As much kind as Cancer zodiac signs are, they are thrice as brutal to their enemies. They are very vengeful and can sometimes forget that they are hurting themselves while destroying the other person.

Cancers become very cruel and insulting and ready to nitpick every flaw of yours. They don’t know how to back down when in a fight and will cross the limits just to make the other person feel pain.

Therefore, before making a Cancerian your enemy, think twice and mostly just forget about it because they will haunt you forever.

Bonus Read

There’s nothing less or mediocre with Cancer zodiac signs, it is always extreme. They love to the extreme and they hate to the extreme.

These Cancer personality traits are what make other signs fall in love with these kind and cruel (complicated) personalities.

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What Is The Personality Of Cancer?

Cancer Zodiac Signs are emotional, kind, possessive, and sensitive. They are good at hiding their emotions but when things pile up, there’s no one more dangerous than them. Cancers can also be quite clingy and draining sometimes.

Do Cancers Fall In Love Easily?

Cancers can easily fall in love. They are caring and nurturing in their relationships. As compared to the other zodiac signs, Cancers are least likely to leave you when things don’t seem to work out.

Who Is Cancer Compatible With?

Cancer zodiac signs are most compatible with Scorpio. Other zodiac signs that are also a great match for Cancer are Pisces, Virgo, Taurus, and Capricorn.

What It Means To Be A Cancer?

Being Cancer is like being emotional, nurturing, clingy, kind, and making things about yourself all the time.

Who Is Cancer Not Compatible With?

Cancers are not compatible with Aries and Libra.


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