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Top 5 Crystal Towers For Healing: Best Uses And Benefits

Crystal Towers For Healing

Crystal towers are often called the best energy generators. But, why? How are these pointed crystal towers for healing different from other more common crystals like crystal clusters or palm stones?

Why do people prefer crystal towers for generating energy instead of any other typical crystal shape? Well, I will be answering in detail all your questions.

Why Are Crystal Towers Called The Best Energy Generators?

Crystal towers are the best energy generators because of their long, wide, and pointy shape. A crystal tower often has four to six facets at the bottom and a pointy top.

Healing crystals possess various healing properties depending on the elements and minerals they are formed with. Based on their structure, crystals have various properties.

Generally, the most common and natural energy generator crystals are short and wide, but any crystals can be cut and shaped into crystal points to channel their energies in the desired way.

If you use a wide crystal cluster, its energies are flooded in all directions and so is the same for the crystal sphere.

Whereas, since the crystal towers are shaped wide at the bottom and pointed at the top, the energy can be directed towards the intended direction. For whatever purpose you use these crystal towers for healing, their point will channel the concentrated energies towards the desired direction.

In a nutshell, the energy with a crystal tower is not scattered but channeled collectively through a specific point.

What Are Crystal Towers Good For?

Crystal Towers For Healing

Crystal towers are best at accumulating and centering energies to direct those healing benefits right within you.

You can collect all the little positivity around you and channel it towards you. Energy generator crystal towers are also used to collect all the negativity around your aura and within you and dispel it.

Thus, the crystal tower is excellent to collect all the negativity and kill it while replacing it with every positivity and healing.

How To Use Crystal Towers For Healing?

Crystal towers are generally used during meditation and reiki sessions. These energy generator crystal towers can boost the vibrations and energies generated during meditation and help you attain higher benefits.

Place clean cotton or muslin cloth in front of you. Place the energy generator point on it. You may want to incorporate the burning sage or a scented candle for more soothing and cleansing.

Sit in a comfortable mediation position. Focus on the crystal tower placed in front of you and start breathing deeply. Feel the presence of the energy generator. Allow its vibrations to reach you.

Close your eyes while looking at it and still keep the image of it in your conscious. You may feel a sudden shift of energy after a few deep breaths. The negativity will be sucked out of you and all the collected positivity will start getting attracted towards you.

This positivity will be accumulated by the crystal tower and your meditation and energies will attract it towards you. So, make sure that you put your complete faith in the healing crystal.

You may also use crystal towers for healing during the reiki sessions. Lie down in a peaceful state. Place the small healing crystal towers at each of your chakras. You may take help from someone too to place the crystal points accurately.

Take deep breaths and allow the vibrations to flow within you.

What Are The Best Crystal Towers For Healing?

Tocrystal is a leading wholesale crystal tower supplier shipping high-quality natural crystals across the globe. The most common crystal towers for healing are Clear Quartz and Tourmalinated Quartz. However, there comes many crystal towers for sale that are great to generate heavy positive energies.

Here Are The Top 5 Best Crystal Towers For Healing:

1. Amethyst Crystal Tower

Crystal Towers For Healing

Amethyst crystal tower is an excellent cure for stress, depression, and anxiety. This crystal tower for healing is great at absorbing negative thoughts and emotions and turning them into positive inspirations.

Amethyst helps you cope up with suicidal and negative mindsets and makes you more hopeful and peaceful at mind.

2. Selenite Crystal Tower

Crystal Towers For Healing

Selenite is the most cleansing and purifying crystal. It is also a crystal tower that doesn’t require any cleansing.

Its purifying and cleansing properties purify your mind, soul, and body and fill you with calm and gratitude.

Selenite crystal tower helps you clear toxins from your body and clear spiritual and emotional blockages to allow love and harmony to flow through you.

3. Onyx Tower

Crystal Towers For Healing

Boost confidence with Onyx towers. This beautiful black healing stone is almost magical. The stone is used to make you calmer, wiser, and confident.

Onyx is powerful at instilling self-confidence and helps you make the right decisions. It clears the clouds of emotional dilemmas and promotes clarity.

When these energies are collected and released through the Onyx tower, they put a huge impact on your way of perceiving things and taking charge of the things.

4. Fluorite Tower

Crystal Towers For Healing

Fluorite tower is another great energy generator. It imparts stability and protection. The beautiful colors of Fluorite reflect joy and happiness. As pleasing as it is for the eyes, it is for the soul.

This energy generator point instills deep relaxation, tranquilizing sleep, and uplifts all energy levels.

5. Smoky Quartz Tower

Crystal Towers For Healing

Since quartz crystal towers are among the best energy generator points, Smoky Quartz works brilliantly by combining the base qualities of Clear Quartz as well as its own.

Smoky Quartz tower alleviates depression, fears, negativity. It is one of the best crystal towers to hinder nightmares and manifest dreams that can be turned into reality.

Smoky quartz is also the healing stone to encourage positive living with better mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health.

Bonus Read

Energy generator crystal towers are perfect to collect the scattered energies and direct them through one concentrated point.

These crystal towers can really help the positive energies and vibrations to reach you faster. You experience the healing better and faster with healing crystal towers.

However, it is necessary that you buy crystal towers for healing that are authentic and real. Online stores like Tocrystal deal in 100% high-quality wholesale crystals of all shapes and sizes. You can buy these crystals in bulk at the best price and get them delivered wherever you are across the globe.


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