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Sunstone Crystal: Meaning, Use, Healing And Benefits

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When going through our daily life, we hit our highs and our lows periodically. You will also agree that we surround ourselves with people who can either fill us with energy or are capable of draining our energy just through their presence.

When these external factors start to affect you, way more than they should you must take action. And today you will be learning how sunstone healing crystals can help you.

In this article, you are going to learn about 

  • What is a Sunstone Crystal?
  • Benefits Of Sunstone Healing Crystal
  • What Does Sunstone Crystal Attract?
  • How To Use Sunstone Healing Crystal?
  • Who Should wear Sunstone Crystal?

What is a Sunstone Crystal?

Sunstone is a feldspar crystal, which includes Hematite and Goethite. Talking about its physical appearance, you will see it contains a reddish-golden or greenish appearance. They can be found in both polished and unpolished forms, and truth to be said it looks amazing all the time.

Benefits Of Sunstone Healing Crystal

Learning about the benefits of Sunstone healing crystals altogether can be overwhelming. So let’s understand the benefits of Sunstone healing crystal in three stages.

Physical Healing Properties

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Sunstone crystal is believed to possess the energy of the Sun. Giving the stone ability to maintain your seasonal affective disorder. It boosts up our immunity and allows our body to fight common diseases and infections.

The Sunstone healing crystal is also helpful in providing an extra dose of Vitamin D, dealing with stress, issues related to the digestive system, and metabolism. If someone is suffering from chronic sore throats, stomach tension, or ulcers, Sunstone crystal can be the best healing crystal for them.

Emotional Healing Properties

Are you aware of the “no-phrase zone”? You may recall it by the time when people just start building a wall around them. Every proposal, every new activity, every suggestion or a new person, everything just faces this wall of listing “no” as a response.

We all know it is hard to overcome this phase which is where Sunstone healing crystal shines out. It is a stone that reflects the positive energy of the sun. It breaks the wall of negativity and open’s you up to new experiences.

It makes you feel self-dependent and make people see your leadership quality in the time of need.

Metaphysical Healing Properties

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While we are discussing the benefits of the Sunstone healing crystal, let’s not forget the superpower the stone really has. The stone is sacred to Sacral Chakar, which is the hub of our sensual and creative energy.

If someone is an artist, who hits the creative block more than the normal fellows, Sunstone Crystal can be a great gift in their life. Moreover, if someone is stepping up to build new meaningful relationships but is having a hard time opening up, Sunstone can be a perfect wing stone.

The energy from the stone removes any blockage in our heart chakra helping us open up. Hence, building better, long-term communication.

What Does Sunstone Crystal Attract?

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Sunstone is a stone of positivity and stability in our lives. The stone is believed to be the reflection of the Sun’s energy and shares an aura of love around it.

Being among the best healing crystals, Sunstone attracts the light, i.e. positivity, and evokes a source of energy within your body. Along with all this, the stone is also known to attract leadership skills, communication skills, and the ability to make the right choices in life.

How To Use Sunstone Healing Crystal?

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Wearing or using any healing crystal is easy to work do as it should be. The stones are meant to take off your stress and not increase it in any way.

In saying that, it is very important that you build a bond with your stone and allow its energy to flow through you.

Also, whenever you feel low you can cleanse the Sunstone Healing crystal to renovate its energy and cheer you up again.

There are various methods of cleansing a healing crystal, but specifically for Sunstone, it consists of easy methods.

Take your stone and put it under running water. Gently keep cleansing your stone while removing any dirt particles on it.

Now take the stone in a soft towel and place it under the moonlight. It already stores the energy of the sun, but in order to keep the balance, put it under the moonlight.

This will cleanse your crystal thoroughly, hence making it all set for healing you. You can buy Sunstone crystal online or from people who Sell Sunstone wholesale or retail. Tocrystal is one of the best Healing Crystal Wholesale Supplier.

Who Should wear Sunstone Crystal?

The sunstone healing crystal is a stone that suits best for people who are looking to step out of their comfort zone and regain their enthusiasm. Along with this, sunstone healing crystal is also great for people who are just starting their spiritual journeys.

The stone is a great supporter of meditation and helps you focus on your thoughts and well-being. Which is really the key to starting any spiritual journey.


The time of highs and lows will never stop in our lives. But the less we allow them to impact the more peace it brings in your life. In this article, you have learned everything about Sunstone healing crystals. And we hope it was worth your time.

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