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Crystals for Negativity: 5 Best Crystals To Kill Negativity And Enhance Positivity

crystals for negativity

Negativity is the enemy of most of us. Many become victim of anxiety, depression, and various mental health issues as negativity rule their mind and even their auras.

It is very important to stay positive in life to live life with happiness and peace. But first, positive or not, staying away from negativity is crucial for healthy living.

Using crystals for negativity can genuinely help you banish such negativities. These crystals for negativity can help you achieve a positive mindset, spirit, and body.

Negativity can come from many things. It could be coming from an unhealthy work environment, negative people around you, evil energies and spirits, worldly bad news, etc.

It is important to cleanse your aura and thoughts. For this, crystals for negativity come in very handy.

What are the Best Crystals for Negativity?

Choose any of these crystals for negativity to stay protected from the negative energies and feel more positive.

1. Amethyst

crystals for negativity

Amethyst crystals are the talisman to stay protected from negative energies. Not only does it protect you from negativity but amethyst is also best to dispel depression, anxiety, and stress.

Amethyst keeps you safe from the inside out. Stay safe from every mental issue that’s encouraging negative thoughts.

These crystals absorb all the negativity and fill the void with positivity. It is also known to keep you safe from electromagnetic frequencies and geopathic stress.

Many people keep huge amethyst geodes at the center of their living rooms or place amethyst clusters in their rooms. These geodes and clusters are kept to absorb all the negativity and evil that’s coming to their home and transform those into positivity.

2. Black Tourmaline

crystals for negativity

Black tourmaline works by blocking the negative energies. Using this anti-negativity crystal is simply a seamless way with which you do not even realize how much negativity has been blocked.

With time, you start to realize that you’ve been away from all kinds of negativity. You may start to feel a sudden shift in your energies and aura getting cleansed.

Where male energies of this negativity crystal block the negativity and evil, its feminine energies receive the positivity.

The stress goes away, the negative thoughts stop coming into your head, and you feel more confident in doing the things you love.

Wear a black tourmaline bracelet or tie a black tourmaline rough crystal to your neck. This will make sure that you’re protected from negativity wherever you go, all day long.

3. Tiger-eye

crystals for negativity

Crystals for Negativity like tiger eyes are the best to stay safe from evil eyes. Tiger eye brings wisdom and clarity to you.

It helps you make positive choices in life, enhances inner strength, and self-confidence, and is also known to bring fortune to the bearer.

Stay protected from stress, accidents, clear negative energy, and evil spirits, with these wonderful crystals for clear negative energy from home.

For ages, people have been carrying the tiger eye as their protective amulet from negative energies. Wear a tiger eye pendant or carry a tiger eye tumbled stone in your pocket to stay away from negativity and take wiser decisions confidently.

4. Hematite

crystals for negativity

Hematite is a grounding crystal. Like other crystals for negativity, hematite shields you from negativity

 But what’s more is that it finds all the deep-seated negative emotions, thoughts, and energies within you. It resolves all the clouded emotions and dispels all that negativity.

It ensures that no negativity is left within you and at the same time guards you from every other external negative energy attacking you.

Wear a hematite bracelet or keep hematite spheres to shield yourself and your home from negativity.

5. Lepidolite

crystals for negativity

Lepidolite is the soother. This negativity crystal helps people overcome negativity and cultivates a smooth transition into a positive lifestyle. It calms emotions, soothes the nervous system, and vanishes all kinds of worries and stress.

Restore your mental peace and alleviate negativity. Lepidolite has energetic vibrations which strongly attune with your energies. It shakes your aura to shed negative energies and evil eyes.

All such properties of this crystal eliminate negativity and bring inner peace and balance. It releases stress and puts your mind, body, and soul, into tranquil harmony.

Use a lepidolite pendant or use lepidolite palm stones while meditating or performing reiki.

How to Use Crystals for Negativity Remove?


Crystals for Negativity

Simply keeping these negative removal crystals in your home or office spaces can do wonders in your life.

Keep crystal towers or crystal spheres near your bed to promote good sleep. They will keep the tension and unwanted thoughts away to keep your mind at ease. Stay protected from bad dreams and experience uninterrupted sleep.

You should also keep these anti-negative crystals at your office or study desk to keep the evil away and achieve success. Negativity can seldom be bound to you from doing and achieving whatever you wish for.

A positive mindset while at work or studying can make your aura stronger. You feel more confident and perform better.

You may also buy these wholesale crystals to remove negativity like geodes or clusters and keep them at the entrance of your home. Being at the gate, these crystals for negativity will instantly absorb the negative energies, transform those into positivity, and spread it in your home.


If you’re suffering from critical negativity or mental issues, it is advised to wear crystal jewelry that eliminates negative energy.

The more these crystals brush against your skin, the more they connect with your energies and pull out all the negativity sooner.

You experience all-day healing with them.


Carry small crystal carvings or crystal tumbled stones in your pocket, wallet, or purse. These crystals for negativity elimination will make sure to absorb the negativity as soon as it comes near you.

Be it in the form of people, places, or spirits, carrying crystals for negativity will push them away easily.

Keep these crystals for negativity removal in the schoolbag or pockets of your children to keep them wise and protected from evil eyes.


Crystals for Negativity

Find a calm, relaxing place that is away from all the noises and the day-to-day chaos. Sit in a comfortable position and hold the crystals for negativity removal in your palm while meditating.

Take deep breaths and allow the energies of the negativity crystals to flow within you. Let them clear the blockages to allow the positivity to run through you. Feel your vibrations attuning with the vibrations of the crystals for negativity.

You may feel a sudden shift in your energies. Feel the smooth texture of the palm stones rubbing against your skin. You may also chant a few affirmations to make the process more positive.

The presence of the healing crystals will boost the effect of meditation and yoga on your mind and body. Allow the healing crystals to heal you.

Bonus Read

Life is all about living happily and peacefully. We want money, luxury, love, and every other “wants and needs” to ultimately achieve happiness and peace.

Thus, having a life that is free from negativity, hate, and stress is very important. Using crystals for negativity to attain their benefits is quite an effective way to take one step ahead towards your desired life.

You can buy crystals online or offline from anyone dealing with crystals wholesale or retail.

However, along with using healing crystals to attain peace and healing, there are many more things that you must be doing to live a happier and healthier life.

You may try a few of these things:

  • Sing or dance in whatever and whichever manner you like. The aim is to feel free and release the tension.
  • Take long, warm baths. They are helpful in making your muscles relax and giving you good sleep.
  • Mediate with essential oils, oil diffusers, or scented candles. This soothing environment can instantly calm your nerves and make you feel liberated.
  • Take care of yourself. Use bath bombs for a relaxing bath time. Use essential oils and fragrant moisturizers for massaging your skin later.
  • Drink hot chocolate or therapeutic teas to calm your mind and body.
  • Eat healthily and take at least 8 hours of sleep (at night especially)
  • Give at least one day of your week to nature. Take a long trip and leave your devices behind. Spend time with your loved ones and live in the moments.
  • Make the effort to come out of your past (good or bad), stop worrying about the future (thinking is understandable), and most importantly – live in the present (specifically, live in those short happy moments)
  • Expose yourself to the positive content. Watch self-motivating videos, read good, positive books, watch healthy, humorous shows, etc.
  • Ditch the people who only talk negatively and badly about others. Ditch the TV shows that are negative or depressing. Ditch people who feel amusement in bringing above the controversial topics just to debate and clashing opinions.
  • Make friends with people who are growing with their mindset, and have useful things to talk about (remember, business, economy, and politics are not the only definition of being productive)
  • Wear clothes and makeup that make you feel like you. Be confident, smile more, laugh more, and worry less.

I hope this article will be helpful for you.

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