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A Complete Guide to 7 Types of Meditation

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The world is filled with techniques helping us improve ourselves. This includes crystals. Meditation techniques, healing practices, and more. All created and preserved to help an individual grow physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Today, at Tocrystal blogs, we are sharing 7 types of Meditation practices that you can follow to improve your life. Now be it a break from your day-to-day routine, or making it a part of the day. All these types of mediation techniques can be used the way you like.

What are the things that you must keep taking care of? Just you and your mind. While there are some stated advantages of practicing meditations at a particular time and place, when you are a beginner, getting started would be the best practice.

That being said, let’s get into the learning of different types of meditation practices that you can start today.

7 Types Of Meditation Practices

Focused Meditation

Types Of Meditation

Let’s start with a simple and effective meditation practice that you can start right away. Focused meditation is a simple way to improve awareness in your life. For this, you bring your focus to your breathing.

You can take deep breaths. Inhale and exhale. All this while keeping your focus just on your breath. Sure, various thoughts will come up in your head. But accept it and calmly start focusing on your breath again.

In the following types of meditation, the goal is to observe your own body and the way it engages with your breathing. It improves your focus and helps you become more aware of your thoughts and thought processes.

Guided Meditation

Types Of Meditation

The next best type of meditation especially for beginners has Guided Meditation. Here a trainer helps you with your meditation. This could be an in-person session, online session, or even a pre-recorded session.

Here the trainer helps you keep your focus on your breath by guiding you at various stages of the mediation. This may also include inhaling breath through your stomach, then through your chest, and then finally exhaling through your mouth open.

There are various guided meditation courses available online that you can use to get started. We would suggest you try out various types of videos, and session finds that suit you the best.

Silent Meditation

Types Of Meditation

Silent Meditation is a simple form of meditation that is followed by people across the world. It is also known as Zen meditation, breath awareness, love-kindness meditation, and more. Silent Meditation is also one of the best types of meditation.

The whole practice of silent meditation is done in two easy steps. By following complete silence and by focusing on your breath.

Here the complete silence means, avoiding any form of communication with anyone even through signs or actions. The whole point of Silent meditation is to avoid any form of communication and focus only on yourself.

Flow Writing

Types Of Meditation

Flow writing is another form of meditation, often practiced by beginners. Here rather than focusing on the breath and eliminating thoughts in our head, we observe our thoughts and pen them down. among other types of meditation is also flow writing.

Also, once we start writing, we try not to stop in a middle of a thought. The writing is kept private so you don’t have to worry about grammar, spelling, or any kind of judgment of your thoughts.

The whole goal here is to turn your thoughts onto paper. Also, only focus on one thought at a time and remove any unnecessary noise or distractions from your head.

Body Scan Meditation

Types Of Meditation

As the name suggests, body scan meditation is a type of meditation practice where you observe each and every part of your body. Starting from your feet and slowly moving up to your head.

Here in this types of meditation, you observe the positioning of your body parts. How are they placed, how do they feel, are they in a comfortable position, or are they in discomfort.

Without any moment, scanning the body and its action with closed eyes can help you be more aware of yourself.

Chakra Meditation

Types Of Meditation

Now that we are slowly moving ahead and looking for more advanced meditation practices it’s important to learn about Chakra Meditation. While it has gained a lot of popularity in recent times, it is also among the types of meditation whose learnings are corrupted.

Chakra meditation is about activating all 7 chakras in our human body. They are found in a single line dividing our body into exactly two halves. In order to practice Chakra Meditation, you start by focusing on your lowest chakra, that is root chakra and make your way up to Crown chakra.

Understand this as a method of unlocking various levels in your meditation. You start from the Root chakra and slowly reach your goal of activating the Crown chakra.

To be fair, it is a long but rewarding practice.

Mantra Meditation

Mantra Meditation

Lastly, let’s learn about the Mantra Meditation. It is a simple and effective method of chanting a mantra and keeping the focus on the words themselves. Among the most popular mantra used across the world is AUM (or OM).

In order to practice mantra meditation, you can sit in a silent room and in a comfortable position to get started. Take a deep breath and start chanting the mantra OM. Keep your focus on the chanting while observing the source of vibration of the mantra.

To sum up

Across the globe, you will find even more types of mediation being practiced for personal well-being. All these mentioned meditation and even more are shows how one can get back in control of his/her emotions.

So if you are suffering from stress, anxiety, overthinking, depression or more practicing mediation can be a huge step in the cure. Share the article with your fellows to get on this journey of mediation together and explore various types of meditations together.


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