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15 Best Anxiety Crystal You Can Use For Self-Healing

15 Best Anxiety Crystal You Can Use For Self-Healing

Anxiety is a strong state of mind where one questions each and every action and thought over and over again.

For example, when you leave the house and you start imagining whether or not you turned off the lights – It’s normal.

But if you start beating yourself down, by thinking about it and blaming yourself for pitty mistakes – it’s NOT normal. And that is when you can use Anxiety Crystals to make you feel lively again.

When you’re at a great party with good food and excellent music, and if all you can think of is that you can’t stand watching so many faces anymore – you’re being anxious. But this should not be the case. While not enjoying the part is normal, but if tiny instances start affecting your mental health you can use Anxiety crystals to make feel better

And that’s why we are sharing this article with you. The goal is to make you aware of the Best anxiety crystal that can help you improve your mental state. But just before that, let’s have a look at how to use Anxiety crystal for healing.

How To Use Anxiety Crystal For Healing?

Healing crystals can be considered great to calm your energies and dispel anxiety. Anxiety crystals have been on the earth for ages and people have been using them for balance, power, luck, and various other spiritual purposes.

Healing stones hold unseen abilities that can enhance your physical, emotional, and spiritual planes.

Use them during your yoga rituals, in your jewellery, and even during the reiki sessions. You can keep them in your room or at a place that you feel needs to be cleansed with positive energy.

There are many powerful and auspicious anxiety crystals out there that can help you heal from anxiety and make you more calm, balanced, and peaceful.

15 Best Healing Crystals for Anxiety

1. Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz

Smoky Quartz is the master to tame your Base Chakra and Solar Plexus Chakra. This is one of the best and most recommended healing crystals for anxiety.

This anxiety crystal is best known to disperse fear, lift depression, and negativity. It aids in bringing emotional peace, relieving stress, and anxiety.

The healing stone is said to be promising in alleviating suicidal thoughts and promoting positivity and calmness.

The smoky quartz is usually associated with people with Scorpio and Capricorn zodiac signs.

2. Red Jasper

Red Jasper

Red Jasper is known to improve emotional balance and focus. This healing stone is reported to eliminate emotional stress, negative energy, anxiety, and confusion.

If you’re looking for anxiety crystal that also helps you to increase self-confidence, self-trust, emotional stamina, protection, courage, balance, calm, and relaxation – Red Jasper is the one for you.

Red Jasper is also an amazing choice to balance your Root Chakra. The prime zodiac sign that Red jasper can influence is Aries, however, it works wonderfully for all who suffer from anxiety.

3. Black tourmaline

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is a powerful grounding stone, providing a connection between Earth and the human spirit.

It’s electrical in nature and supports the alignment of energies present at the centre of the body and channels healing light through the system.

Black tourmaline healing crystal soothes the mind from anxiety and helps prevent and relieve panic attacks. In fact, this anxiety crystal is also said to protect against negative environmental elements like radiation and pollutants.

Use this healing crystal to boost physical strength as you grow out of anxiety and create a positive aura.

4. Kyanite


If you want to attain spiritual wellness, there aren’t many quick fixes. But the Kyanite anxiety crystal comes close.

This healing stone aligns all chakras and calms your body instantly. The Yin-Yang energy balance is truly supported by Kyanite.

The crystal removes blockages and allows the energy to flow gently throughout the body. Thus, the effect of this healing crystal for anxiety outs a calming effect on your whole being.

The calmness and tranquillity gradually dispel anxiety. Furthermore, Kynatite also aids in encouraging psychic abilities and communication on all levels.

5. Labradorite


The energies of labradorite are great to relieve anxiety, hopelessness, and depression.

Labradorite is one of those beautiful healing crystals for anxiety that inspires you to be more enthusiastic and promotes self-confidence.

It replaces your negative emotions, stress, and anxiety issues with calmness and balance.

Labradorite stimulates mental acuity, relieves menstrual tensions, and balances hormones that might not allow you to feel fine and bring you mood swings.

6. Bloodstone


Bloodstone possesses grounding and purifying properties. It can help you cast-off negative energy and purify and cleanse the energy around you.

This anxiety crystal is very protective and can strengthen your immune system, rejuvenate blood cells, and energize your life.

Bloodstone is a true mood lifter by taking you away from negativity, stress, and anxiety.

Healing properties

Casts-away stress and anxiety

Purify your energies

Improves the immune system and invigorate blood

7. Aquamarine


Also called the ‘stone of courage, due to its ability to make you brave enough to speak the truth and promotes the presence of the true self.

Aquamarine is an amazing anxiety crystal that encourages clear communication, soothes stress.

To help calm your anxious thoughts, simply hold Aquamarine in your hand and feel the cold stone getting warmer and warmer as it releases its energies to soothe your nerves.

This is a great healing stone to work with if you’re looking to heal from emotional trauma, relieve stress, and calm your heart as it should be.

8. Amazonite


Like waters ancient and deep, amazonite entices in alluring shades of turquoise-green, promising to soothe your soul and calm your spirit.

Its energy is as devious and powerful as the river for which it is named, and as bold as the women warriors with whom it is associated.

Amazonite is the healing crystal for anxiety that fights stress and calms your heart to stimulate harmony and balance with your mind, body, and soul.

It is the ‘Stone of Courage’ and the ‘Stone of Truth’ that inspires you to discover your own’s truth and search for yourself.

This healing stone balances the feminine and masculine energies inside of you. It calms the nervous system and brain and helps in maintaining your mental and physical health.

9. Azurite

Azurite is a wonderful healer for those who are suffering from anxiety. The anxiety crystal exudes the energy that helps you let go of worry, anxiety, stress, and grief.

The main element of Azurite is copper, thus, its high copper content is believed to stimulate the thyroid gland and help heal throat disorders, spinal alignment, sinus, spasms.

If you’re seeking spiritual and psychic attainments, Azurite aids in the third-eye activation and enhances your psychic gifts.

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10. Selenite


Selenite fills you with the energies that resonate with its appearance – clean and pure.

The more you wear it or the closer you keep it to yourself, this anxiety crystal helps you stay balanced, calm, and joyful.

Selenite is popular in the crystal world for being one of the calmest. This anxiety crystal instils a deep peace within you to fight negativity and remove it from the roots.

With its touch, you’ll find yourself less confused and would be able to see a clearer picture of what you must do.

11. Sapphire

You can find Sapphires in many different colours. But all these anxiety crystals are great to melt away the deep-seated anxiety within you, especially the Blue Sapphire.

Where you might feel unprotected and surrounded by people filled with jealousy and ill-intent, Blue sapphire works as your guardian that keeps you safe.

Sapphires are the considerable relievers of anger, anxiety, and temperamental mood swings.

12. Amethyst


Amethyst is ‘The Anxiety Reliever’. It not only wards off negativity but also stimulates calm and positivity at the same time.

You may find Amethyst the ‘doctor for all pain’ but is best known to improve your self-esteem and instil courage.

Use this anxiety crystal to relieve stress, fear, anger, and sadness. It’s also wonderful for your third-eye chakra that activates spiritual awareness and psychic abilities.

13. Lepidolite


Just as its element Lithium is used in mood stabilizers, Lepidolite is the king when it comes to balancing and stabilizing your mood.

It’s the ‘stone of transition’ that reorganizes your old psychological and behavioural patterns. This anxiety crystal works great for healing emotional suffering, soothing stress, and reducing depression.

14. Apophyllite


Harnessing the power of ancient molten lava streams, Apophyllite has a powerful ability to heal you from anxiety and stress almost instantly. 

It brings high vibrations of light that are known to soothe anxiety, worry, and fear.

It clears and cleanses the energy along with amplifying the energies of a space or other anxiety crystals placed near it.

15. Kunzite

Kunzite is the anxiety warrior. At the same time, it can help you fight unceasing addictions and your body deal with the effects of quitting your addictions.

Healing Crystal NameHealing Properties
Smoky QuartzCrystal for anxiety, Positive thoughts, Calmness, Lifts depression, Stability, Intuition, Pride
Red jasperRelieves anxiety, Enhances self-confidence, Calm, Balance, Courage, Emotional stamina
Black tourmalineExpel anxiety, Prevent panic attacks, Improve physical strength
LabradoriteHeals stress and anxiety, Creates balance, Calm, Aids in the digestion
BloodstoneCasts-away stress and anxiety, Purify your energies, Improves the immune system, and invigorate blood
AquamarineRelieves stress and anxiety, Calms the heart, Help speak the truth, Cools high temper and conflict
AmazoniteSoothing, creates a balance between your feminine and masculine energy, fights anxiety and stress
AzuriteClears toxins, heal migraines, vertigo, anxiety, depression, grief
KunziteAssists with anxiety and depression, addictions, skeletal and muscular function
ApophylliteSoothes anxiety, fear, and worry
AmethystRelieves stress and anxiety, rage, anger, fear, dissolves negativity
SeleniteCalm, peace, spirituality, clear insights
SapphireHelps with anxiety, mood swings, and anger
LepidoliteEmotional healing, Reduces depression and anxiety, Alleviates negativity
KyaniteBrings peace and calm, Removes blockages, Improves your psychic abilities


Anxiety is the cruellest demon that can sit inside your head and make you feel lifeless with each breath. You may try various remedies to step out of this condition but having mental peace, balance, and harmony is a must.

Healing stones help you achieve just that. They are no magical doctors, but such anxiety crystals possess the power of nature that can enhance the positivity in you and ward off all that is negative.

Remember, accepting that you need help is the first step towards healing.