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Protection Crystals: 7 Best Crystals For protection To Stay Safe

Protection Crystals

Healing crystals are amazing to provide you with some amazing and effective benefits. There are love crystals, spirit crystals, birth crystals, and many more. Today, we’re going to talk about protection crystals.

What Are Protection Crystals?

Every crystal is associated with an earth element, a planet, a zodiac, and possesses some spiritual healing and cleansing properties.

There occurs many natural protection crystals that are great at warding off negativities and evil spirits. These protection crystals cleanse your auras and attune your energies to feel safer.

Many protection crystals can also promote bravery, confidence, and power to fight negativity and attract positivity. These are those crystals for protection that I’ll be talking about in this article.

So, let’s get started with knowing these powerful protection crystals.

7 Amazing Protection Crystals To Feel Safer

1. Amethyst

Protection Crystals

Amethyst is the number one of all the protection crystals. It is known to ward off negativity and dispel bitter issues like anxiety and depression.

Amethyst crystal is great at dispelling fear and anger. This property of this protection crystal helps you stay strong when you feel your guard shaken.

This protection stone protects you from all kinds of harmful energies that can injure your mind, soul, and even body.

Amethyst protection crystal is used by the majority of people to cast away evil spirits, attract positive energies, and feel calmer and safer.

In the areas where you feel they might be polluted with bad energies in your home or office, keep an Amethyst cluster to allow the protection crystal to absorb all the negativity and make the surroundings clean and pure.

At the same time, this protection crystal will give out positivity to lighten the auras of everyone who steps into the area.

2. Black Tourmaline

Protection Crystals

Have you ever felt coming in contact with a person or a place that has suddenly contaminated you with their negativity? You woke up happy but now you are completely polluted and sad.

Having black tourmaline protection crystal by your side can help you prevent that. No matter how powerful negative energies you’re surrounded with, black tourmaline healing crystal will keep you safe and positive.

Our aura is like a sponge, it absorbs everything around us. Hence, we perform meditation to calm our mind and only attract peace and positivity, so that, our aura can only absorb those good energies.

But, you can not meditate the whole day and live like a saint. Yes – that’s how they stay so calm and peaceful because all their aura absorbs is positivity.

However, we can not stay like that all our life. Thus, protection crystals like black tourmaline are best to safeguard our auras, clean them, and fill them with positive light.

Black tourmaline is one of those protection crystals that creates an invisible bubble around you that protects your aura from getting contaminated and always keep it safe and protected.

But, what if your aura is already negative? Black tourmaline is best at dissolving all the negativity and making the slate clean just as the charcoal absorbs and dissolves all the impurities.

3. Black obsidian

Protection Crystals

The black obsidian healing crystal is comprised of elements from the earth, fire, and water.

From the elements of the earth, it grounds you and makes you feel safe, through fire it burns down all the evils and harmful entities, and water, it cleanses your mind and soul clean.

This is one of the greatest protection crystals to shield against negative energies and block every evil psychic attack.

Obsidian is helpful at bringing every negative emotion and thought to the surface, you may struggle to let go of that urge, but then, black obsidian draws out those negative feelings from you.

You may feel a sudden shift in your energies the more time you spend with this protection crystal. Your head might feel lighter and your mind at peace.

This protection crystal alleviates stress and tension from your mind and body. With every day spent, black obsidian protection crystal finds the deep-seated negativity and unresolved emotions and casts them away.

Black Obsidian healing crystal catches every negative flow that’s coming near you and throws it back to where it is coming from. You stay guarded and safe.

4. Pyrite

Protection Crystals

This shiny, gold-like protection crystal is more than what your eye can see. This is among those protection crystals that mirror back the evil energies and shield you before they reach to attack you.

Pyrite has even been used as a talisman for protection. People in ancient times used this protection crystal to keep themselves safe from ghosts, spirits, and evil entities.

This healing crystal is also called the fool’s gold. It can balance the polarities within you to make you stay calm and balanced. The feminine and masculine energies that fight within you can be tamed and controlled with the Pyrite’s properties.

Stay safe from otherworldly spirits, negative human energies, and even the negative emotions that you create for yourself, knowingly and unknowingly.

5. Black Jasper

Protection Crystals

Black Jasper healing crystal is another protection crystal that is highly effective at shielding against bad thoughts, stress, anxiety, depression, and anger.

The negativity and evil can not touch the bearer of black jasper crystal for protection. Black Jasper is also an excellent crystal for grounding.

It helps you fill the void that is filled with bitter emotions. It can help you connect your higher vibrations with the divine energies of the earth.

This protection crystal relieves pain and promotes joy and satisfaction. Black Jasper is, in fact, one of those protection crystals that transforms the negative energies and turns them into something that can benefit you.

All the negatively-generated heat and energy is channeled to reap you better feel and a more dedicated mindset.

6. Tourmalinated quartz

Protection Crystals

Black tourmaline quartz is a powerful crystal for protection. It keeps you guarded against all kinds of bad energies. This grounding crystal is vastly used for its metaphysical purposes.

It looks like clear quartz only with short black strikes that look like small needles. The blacks within the crystal white are meant to symbolize the balance of negativity and positivity. In the end, they both still look gorgeous.

It inspires you to embrace your weaknesses and not to feel stressed or less useful because of them. All your weaknesses and strengths together make you who you are.

Such protection crystals are a reminder of the triumph of good over evil. Tourmalinated quartz is one of those protection crystals dedicated to enhancing your abilities and making you feel safer from what you feel can harm you.

This crystal for protection helps you overcome the fear and experience the calmness and peace that you’ve been overlooking due to the fear and negativity.

7. Fluorite

Protection Crystals

Fluorite is one of the most beautiful, enchanting, and protective crystals of all time. It gets its name from the fluorescent lights that it emits when held under UV light.

It glows almost eating up every bad memory, negative energy, and harmful thought. You forget about everything for a moment as you look at Fluorite.

Fluorite comes in different and rare colors and each one is more captivating than the other. It is considered one of the must-have protection crystals. And, I mean, why not?

There is no reason why you should not buy fluorite. Whether or not you’re looking for healing, this protection crystal is a must beautiful to behold that nature has ever created.

Fluorite protection crystal helps you cope with the stagnant emotions that you are feeling hard to overcome. It cleanses and detoxifies your mind and physical body to promote healthy living.

Wrapping up

If you’re suffering from any mental, emotional, or physical issues, the healing crystals can really aid in the complete healing process.

If you feel unsafe or targeted by any kind of negative emotions, thoughts, or evil spirits, use these crystals for protection to stay safe.

These protection crystals are amazing at keeping you safe by blocking every kind of evil. The above-mention list for protection crystals is best for every age group, gender, and religion.

You can easily buy crystals online or offline or from anyone selling protection crystals wholesale or retail.

Use these amazing crystals for protection during meditation, yoga, or reiki sessions. You may also carry crystal tumbled stones or crystal palm stones wherever you go for all-day healing.

Use protection crystals for home safety, crystals for grounding, emf protection, and more.

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