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Raw Crystals: 6 Most Powerful Ways & 6 Best Rough Crystals

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Raw crystals are powerful, full of high-vibrational energies, untouched by any external tools or polishing. These raw or rough crystals have their energies intact within them and are great at cleansing your aura immediately. The raw crystals tend to channel the clear and continuous flow of energy without any hindrance.

So, if you have or planning to buy raw healing stones, then these are the 8 most powerful ways you can use these mighty stones in the best way.

6 Most Powerful Ways To Use Raw Crystals

1. Crystal cluster or geode

Raw Crystal

The perfect form of raw crystals is the clusters that are formed naturally. These clusters are basically the chunks or the even larger geodes.

Most people prefer keeping these rough healing crystal clusters at the entrance of their home or office. Keeping this at the front gate ensures that all the negativity and evil eye stays away from your living and workspace.

Crystal geodes and clusters are very powerful at absorbing negativity even from a very far distance. You can also keep crystal clusters at the center of your living room as a decoration.

However, it works more than just as a centerpiece. Keeping it in the center of your home allows the cluster to absorb stress, negativity, and anxiety from each corner and turn that into peace and positivity.

The harmony and balance of the place, as well as the people living there, are restored with the help of huge real crystal clusters.

2. Raw crystal jewelry

Raw Crystal

Raw crystal jewelry is in trend. A chunk of rough crystal warped inside a wire, handing around your neck or wrist just looks beautiful and elegant.

Wearing crystal jewelry is one of the best ways to use crystals. As I said, these raw crystals are untarnished and are therefore full of unhindered energies.

Wearing a crystal pendant, bracelet, or ring allows the crystal to brush against the skin throughout the day making sure that the vibrations and the energies of the crystal are constantly flowing within the body.

It is the perfect way to experience all-day healing while looking stylish and trendy.

3. Rough crystal chunks

Raw Crystal

Small crystal chunks can be used for various purposes. The easiest way to use small raw healing crystal chunks is to carry them around in the pocket or your bag to stay protected and under the shade of healing stones wherever you go.

Carry them to the office, walks, travel, and more. Carrying crystals while traveling also helps you and your luggage stay protected from theft, keeps you away from travel sickness, and also soothes you from being homesick.

These rough healing crystal chunks can also be used for making DIY jewelry and showpieces like crystal trees, car hangings, windchimes, or paperweights.

4. Tree of life

Raw Crystal

The tree of life symbolizes the ideal way of living. It has a deep meaning within it. It symbolizes growth, positivity, success, and being grounded no matter what.

The “leaves” of such trees of life are often made with these crystals. Thus, if you’re looking to buy something pretty made with such crystals then these are the perfect choice for your living room or bedroom, and even for gifting to your loved ones.

Keeping the tree of life in your home allows its energies and meaning to instill deep within your values. You feel more grounded, wise, generous, and develop a better mindset towards life, success, and growth.

5. Meditating with rough crystals

Raw Crystal

You should use crystals to amplify the effects of meditation on your mind, soul, and body. Now, when you use crystals that are raw for meditation, you can experience a boost in those energies since the crystals that are raw are naturally high-vibrational as compared to polished stones.

Performing meditation, reiki, and yoga is an excellent way to use raw crystals. You can use small raw chunks of crystals for each chakra or hold rough crystals in your palms while meditating.

Feel the energies and vibrations coming out of these crystals mixing with your aura and entering your chakras. You would feel the raw texture of crystals producing heat in your palms and over your chakras to energize and activate them.

6. Crystal bath therapy

Raw Crystal

Place the raw crystals around your bathtub, light the scented candles, throw that bath bomb into the water, sit and relax. Feel the positive and peaceful vibes of crystals surrounding you.

These crystals are perfect for taking healing bath therapy. You may use some of the best healing crystals for peace, skin, hair, stress, and more depending on the needs of energies you’re desiring most right now in your life.

Which raw crystals should be used for different purposes? Let’s find out.

6 Best Raw Crystals You Should Have

1. Raw Amethyst

Raw Crystal

Raw Amethyst geodes are the most popular raw crystals used at entrances. It is because Amethyst is the best stone to kill stress, anxiety, and depression. It is one of the crystals that absorbs even the most malicious negative energies, the evil eye, and wards off evil spirits.

In addition to this, whatever negative energies it absorbs, Amethyst has the power to convert them into peaceful positive energies and channel them throughout the room. You can find Amethyst geodes sitting outside homes and offices very easily.

2. Raw Black Tourmaline

Raw Crystal

Raw black tourmaline is the most powerful and effective healing crystal for protection from evil and negativity. It deeply grounds your energies and balances all your chakras.

It dissolves negative thought patterns and enhances positivity. It keeps your spirit and minds pure and cleansed.

While meditating or wearing black tourmaline, you may feel an instant shift in your energies and your environment might become calmer, more peaceful, balanced, and pure.

3. Raw Rose Quartz

Raw Crystal

Firstly, raw rose quartz looks beautiful. Secondly, rose quartz is perfect for attracting love and compassion. It is the best stone for people that lacks self-love, self-awareness, and looking for self-actualization.

You may choose to wear raw rose quartz crystal jewelry or use it for bath therapy. It is because rose quartz is also an excellent crystal for beauty, skin rejuvenation, improving skin elasticity, and enhancing the glow on the face.

4. Raw Clear Quartz

Raw Crystal

Clear quartz properties mirror its name. It is the healing stone for clarity, purity, and cleansing. Using raw clear quartz helps you get rid of mental confusion and offers you the clarity to make quicker, better, and wiser decisions. It clouds the clouded emotions.

Rwa clear quartz is perfect for cleansing your aura from negativity and making you feel lighter and calmer. When you use raw clear quartz, you feel more pure, clean, and cleansed emotionally, mentally, as well as spiritually.

Rwa clear quartz can be worn, kept at the entrance or inside the home as centerpieces, or be used in the tree of life for decoration. It’s a powerful and versatile raw stone that you should have in your crystals collection.

5. Raw Citrine

Raw Crystal

Citrine is the healing crystal for self-improvement. It improves your overall personality by boosting self-confidence, and mental clarity, reducing stress and depression and cleansing your aura.

Raw citrine is also used to attract wealth and improve financial health. Carrying raw citrine with you helps you in self-healing, and self-improvement, and helps you get rid of depression, phobias, and inner fears.

6. Raw Green Aventurine

Raw Crystal

Raw green aventurine is for new growth and beginnings. Having a green aventurine with you is having a good omen always with you. Raw green aventurine jewelry and tree of life can be found easily.

With green aventurine, you feel more optimistic about life, and your life is filled with joy, zest, and happiness. It keeps you motivated to achieve things that you need and want in life and doesn’t let you feel exhausted, hopeless, or burn out. It enhances creativity, concentration, and willingness.

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Raw and rough crystal is perfect for experiencing amplified, high-vibrational, powerful, and direct boost of healing energies. These beautiful raw gemstones can be used in various ways and help you achieve physical, spiritual, mental, as well as emotional healing.

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