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9 Best Third Eye Chakra Crystals & Stones For Higher Healing

9 Best Third Eye Chakra Crystals & Stones For Higher Healing

One can only imagine the true power they hold within them. Not just physical or emotional strength, but the ability to open up to this world and still be in control of our thoughts and things around us.

Our Third Eye Chakra is a very crucial part of our strength. It is the one that enhances our awareness, improves our perception and helps us in spiritual communication. It is the sixth chakra in our body and is considered one of the most important ones to cleanse and heal.

And to do that, we are sharing with you, the 9 best third eye chakra crystals and stones for higher healing.

These third eye chakra stones and crystals are known to align your chakras and improve the flow of energy within you. In addition to that, these crystals are also known to bring various healings into your life that you need before reaching a higher state of spirituality.

We’ll be learning a lot about the third eye chakra crystals and their benefits in this write-up. So without any more delay, let’s get right into it.

9 best third eye chakra crystals and stones that you must have

It is very important to know that we have picked these 9 crystals out of 100’s of crystals that you can use. But since these are the most powerful third eye chakra crystals, it is recommended that you must have them.

1. Amethyst

Amethyst crystal for third eye chakra

Amethyst crystal is one of the most well known third eye chakra crystals that is used by hundreds and thousands of people across the world. It is the crystal is found in the colour purple, the colour of the third eye chakra itself and is highly influential in our spiritual journey.

It is a crystal that is known to relieve headaches, stress and frustration. Along with that, the crystal helps us with blissful sleep which is very important for the better function of our brain and regaining our natural energy.

With this, Amethyst is also a helper and a healer for your third eye chakra. This ensures that your energy has to streamline flow and you can grow to be a more peaceful person to attain a higher state of spirituality.

If you are someone who is just starting their spiritual journey and would like a guide, Amethyst will be one of the best third eye chakra crystals for you to get.

2. Labradorite

Labradorite stone for third eye chakra

Labradorite is another purple third eye chakra stone that you can use or wear for awakening. It is a stone that feels and looks mystical at first sight. With shifting colours beneath the surface, Labradorite is a healing stone that promotes transformation.

That being the reason, Labradorite also works with our throat and heart chakra. Both of these chakras work together to have better communication and openness with the world.

This helps us in getting ahead in our lives, focus on ourselves and eventually enhance our wisdom, inner power and understanding of a better picture of ourselves in this world.

If you are a person that feels difficulty in opening up and accepting your emotions, labradorite will be one of the best thirst eye chakra stones for you.

3. Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli third eye chakra crystal

Tired of distractions and not being able to concentrate? You can surely welcome the Lapis Lazuli stone in your life. And no it will not magically put you in a deep meditative state, but it will enhance your experience no matter how short it is.

Lapis Lazuli is a powerful healing stone that is used to bring wisdom and tap into our visions. It is a stone that enhances our mental ability and guides us in making more conscious decisions.

Over the years many people have used this stone in their journey to become more aware of their thought processes. If you are someone who is looking to enhance your concentration and give direction to your spiritual journey, Lapis Lazuli is one of the best third eye chakra stones for you.

4. Black Obsidian

Black obsidian third eye chakra stone

Black Obsidian is a stone that represents the starting. And when you are on the journey of awakening your chakras and cleansing your aura’s this can ease your way. It is a third eye chakra stone that works with your chakras.

Starting from your root chakra provides you stability and courage to pursue this path. With Solar Plexus chakra, black obsidian it fills you with creativity to move ahead. Next, when it connects with your third eye chakra, the stones help you direct your energy through it.

This helps you push away the negativity and embrace the new wisdom. At the same time, black obsidian also helps in improving our concentration and adapting to new energies.

If you are someone that is known to jump from one path to another, leaving things in the middle, black obsidian will be the best third eye chakra crystal for you.

5. Sodalite

Sodalite third eye chakra crystal

Sodalite is another powerful healing third eye chakra crystal that is filled with spiritual energy and strength. A crystal that holds the mystical energy of the ocean and guides us towards our destination.

It is one of the most powerful healing crystals when it comes to pushing negativity away and attracting positive energies in our lives.

It is a crystal that connects us with our truth and lends us a sense of logic. The more time you share with this crystal, the more effects you’ll start seeing in your day to day life.

If you are looking to go through the whole experience of chakra awakening while practising your daily jobs and spiritual practises, Sodalite will be among the best third eye chakra crystal for you.

6. Citrine

Citrine third eye chakra stone

Citrine stone is a source of energy that is widely popular for the young energy it shares and the light of positivity it brings into our lives. Citrine is a third eye chakra stone that illuminates the energy of the sun and fills us with the confidence and creativity we need on our spiritual path.

This creativity and ability to calculate risk enhance our ability to better absorb our thought process, pushing us to become more conscious of ourselves as well as our surroundings.

With Citrine you can start getting over the past, traumatic experiences, forgive them and move on with the next stage of your life.

If you are someone who is experiencing a lot of bumps in your path in life and you are looking for a way that strengthens your will, Citrine is the best third eye chakra stone for you.

7. Moonstone

Moonstone third eye chakra stone

After the sun comes to the moon. A source of feminine energy known for experiencing emotions, building communication, and providing comfort to our soul. Moonstone shares all these traits and more that make the journey of chakra cleansing much more blissful.

It is no secret that the process and length of chakra cleansing and alignment are different for each one of us. There are no “rules” but guidelines to help us improve ourselves. That is why some people even start feeling exhausted through this journey.

But when that’s the case Moonstone is the best third eye chakra stone for you. It will comfort your emotions and drive all your energy toward the right path.

8. Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz third eye chakra crystal

Clear Quartz is a third eye chakra crystal that anyone can wear or place in their home. It is a crystal known as the master healer, and that is for a good reason. It heals us at various stages including physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

To heal our chakras, cleanse them and align them, all our states must be healthy and healing. Clear Quartz is a crystal that helps you heal at all these stages and enhances your energy towards cleansing and alignment.

If you are looking for one crystal for healing that leads to aligning our chakras, Clear Quartz is one of the best third eye chakra crystals that you can get.

9. Kyanite

Ruby Kyanite third eye chakra stone

Do you know the cause why most people are unable to heal their third eye chakra? Because it is hard for them to accept the new perspective in their life. And that is when Kyanite stone can be helpful.

It is a third eye chakra crystal that is known to bring acceptance and change to our lives. Be it our emotional beliefs that we tend to hold the most or our perspective towards human understanding that is falsely accepted by the whole world.

You can use Kyanite crystal to elevate yourself from all the holdbacks and work towards your growth. That is why Kyanite is among the best third eye chakra crystal that you use.

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Your third eye chakra is the second last stage of your spiritual journey that starts from the root and goes up to the crown. And yes this process is fruitful at it’s every stage. And these third eye chakra crystals that we discussed are the ladder to help reach these fruits.

As we said, these are the top healing third eye chakra crystals and stones among the hundreds. So when you pick one, believe in yourself that you are making the right choice. These healing crystals will reflect your belief and fill you up with positivity.

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