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7 ways to use tumbled stone creatively in your life

7 Ways to use tumbled stone creatively

Buying crystals is a thrill in itself. We look for the most amusing healing crystals, look for the best shapes and use them in the most creative ways in our lives.

Today we are sharing some amazing ideas on How to use tumbled stones creatively in your life? Along with that, you’ll be learning everything that you must know when buying tumbled stone, like:

  • What is tumbled stone
  • What is tumbled stone used for (generally)
  • Most popular tumbled stone to buy
  • 7 Ways to use tumbled stone creatively

Now that we know, what we are here to learn, without taking any more time, let’s get started with this amazing article.

What are tumbled stones?

Tumbled stones are small, rounded crystal stones that are brightly polished. 

to make them shiny and smooth. These crystals and rocks are of various materials that are created with a machine called a rock tumbler.

Rock tumbler keeps on tumbling the pieces of stone until they become smooth, shiny, and polished. As a result, you get tumbled stones that are small, beautiful, and can be used for various purposes.

What is tumbled stone used for?

Tumbled stone is used for creating crystal jewelry, home decor, and growing crystal collections. The stones are also used for their healing properties that are specific to the type of crystal used to create tumbles.

Most Popular Tumbled stone to buy

Some of the most popular tumbled stones are:

  • Green aventurine
  • Rainbow Moonstone
  • Lapis Lazuli
  • Tiger eye
  • Amethyst
  • Carnelian
  • Red Jasper
  • Labradorite

7 Ways to use tumbled stone creatively

Crystal Frame

Sticks n Stones

Using tumbled stone to create crystal frame is a great idea. With the help of different stone and shapes, sticks and threads you can create beautful memories.

For example, if it was a happy, energetic memory, you can use yellow crystals like Citrine or Carnelian crystals. If it is an image that motivates you and gives you strength, you can use purple stones like Amethyst, and if it’s a memory that you’d like to protect, you can use black stones like black tourmaline.

All these crystals share the same energy and emotion your picture does. Hence amplifying the memories and motivation you get out of them.

Vase Filler

Tired of finding the best place to place tumbled stones? How about keeping them in a Vase and placing it right in front of you. There is no better way to use tumbled stone to decor your home and still stay in touch with these healing crystals.

If you ever feel overwhelmed with emotions, you can just sit around the stone, hold them and focus on their energy.

You can use various tumbled stones together, or keep bulk tumbled crystals together in order to enhance the aesthetic of your room. Either way, you can use tumbled stones very creatively by placing them in a bowl and arranging them.

Handmade Jewelry

Finding the perfect piece of jewelry is hard. Especially if you have something specific in your mind. But why waste time or compromise on finding something that you want?

You can use tumbled stone to create handmade jewelry for yourself. One of the most popular pieces of jewelry is the tumbled necklace.

You can make it using your favorite tumbled stone and copper wire that will help you hold it.

Pot Decoration

Plants are surely one of the most important parts of our daily life. If you don’t have one in your home, you are missing out. In addition to owning a plant, how about decorating it with tumbled stone?

Pick a small or medium-size pot and plant your favorite sapling into it. Now take the tumbled stone and start placing in the port one by one surrounding the plant. 

Remember to leave some space around the roots which will allow water to easily penetrate and roots to easily breathe.

Makeup brush holder

Are you looking for a gift that stands out? How about a customized-handpicked tumbled stone crystal makeup holder. You can even use a tumbled stone to create a makeup brush holder, and use a tumbled stone for the makeup box.

Pick the stones that appeal to you the most and get started creating something unique and outstanding.

Wind Chime

A wind chime is another beautiful tool that enhances the overall aesthetic of your home. And you can use tumbled stones to create your own 7 chakra wind chime.

Not just a simple wind chime, but you can also add light steel tubes to the thread for a pleasant sound. This will enhance the overall experience of your house and create a beautiful sound when you wind is blowing.

Car Hanging

The car hangings are simple artifacts that don’t take up a lot of space and look beautiful without distraction.

You can use the tumbled stone to create car-hanging accessories by knitting them together. Pick your favorite stone, knit them according to your preference. This will give you a cool car hanging specific to your style of crystal stones.

Bonus Read

You can use tumbled stone in various forms to decorate and welcome positive energy in your life. In addition to that, you can even use tumbled stone to display your other healing crystals. It looks amazing and helps you attract more people to your collection.

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