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7 Best Pink Crystals For Healing And Love

Pink crystal

Pink crystals are soothing to the eyes and soul. Their energies are peaceful and loving which makes them perfect for healing your heart and emotions and instilling love.

Today I’ll be telling you about the 7 best pink crystals for healing that you should keep for your children, family, and yourself to enhance peace, warmth, and love in your lives.

7 Best Pink Crystals

Pink crystals look beautiful and they are determined to make you feel beautiful too. Hold and keep these lovely pink healing crystals close to you to experience immense pleasure, peace, and healing.

1. Rose Quartz

Pink Crystal

Rose quartz is the crystal for unconditional love. This pink crystal clears the blockages of the heart to let the feelings of love easily flow through.

It is the crystal to attract new love, promote love into relationships, and even enhance self-love. With rose quartz, you always feel like you’re surrounded by love bubbles. Its energies burst to shower you with the feelings of having butterflies in your stomach.

Rose quartz is often used for making jewelry and beauty tools. The daily usage of rose quartz rollers and guasha can improve skin elasticity and rejuvenate your skin cells. It is the crystal for beauty, love, and peace.

2. Rhodochrosite

Pink Crystal

Rhodochrosite symbolizes a compassionate heart. Its rosy-pink color is filled with the sweetest energies of love. This pink crystal allows you to feel selfless love and takes you beyond empathy to think, feel, and take action on others’ behalf.

It is an excellent crystal for emotional healing. The vibrations of Rhodochrosite are powerful to stir you with feelings of love and desire. Rhodochrosite also guards you against external environmental illnesses from insect bites and heals scars and wounds.

3. Rhodonite

Pink Crystal

Rhodonite is the emotional healer. It clears the wounds and scars from the past and nurtures you with love. This pink crystal clears the heart and activates the heart chakra.

You can use rhodonite to balance your Yin-Yang energies and prevent panic attacks and shocks. Rhodonite is also great for achieving your highest potential and attracting love into your life.

4. Pink Opal

Pink Crystal

Pink Opal is one of the best crystals to cure stress, anxiety, insomnia, and heart-related difficulties. This healing crystal is the most comforting and compassionate stone.

When you meditate with this pink opal, it calms your anxious nerves and provides you with a sense of tranquility and peace. Pink opal has very gentle vibrations that are soothing to your aura. Thus, it makes it the perfect stone for healing your emotional body.

5. Mangano Calcite

Pink Crystal

Mangano Calcite is the pink crystal for self-love, self-confidence, and self-esteem. It is the best healing crystal for anyone who’s dealing with trauma, abuse, or death.

It is the compassionate healer of your emotional and mental state. This beautiful crystal is popularly used for reiki and making jewelry and centerpieces.

Mangano Calcite amplifies your energies and heals the heart chakra to make you feel liberated, peaceful, and relaxed.

6. Pink Amethyst

Pink Crystal

Pink Amethyst has a lot of great benefits. This pink crystal brings clarity to your mind, emotional balance, relieves stress, calms you during overwhelming situations.

Oink Amethyst instills the feeling of grace, calmness, trust, and understanding. Keep this amazing healing crystal in your home or workspace to always have a deep sense of emotional healing and “knowing” the right thing.

7. Pink Topaz

Pink Crystal

Pink topaz soothes, heals, and recharges. It is one of the best crystals for meditation. The mellow energies of this healing crystal encourage you to be forgiving and truthful.

Pink topaz is also a great motivator that pushes you to follow your dreams and cuts through the feelings of uncertainty and doubt. Use this healing crystal to attract wealth and prosperity into your life to become successful.

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The pink crystals mentioned in this article are perfect for healing and growth. The energies of these healing crystals naturally calm your nerves, balances emotions, and encourage you to be on the right path.

You can use these crystals for meditation, reiki, yoga, or jewelry. However, it is important that the healing crystals and gemstones that you use are genuine and authentic.

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