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Virgo Crystals: Top 10 Crystals For Virgo To be Their Best

Virgo Crystals

Virgos are known for their humble and affectionate nature. This zodiac sign is ruled by the planet Mercury. They are very natural and practical, however, they can become quite nit-picking.

Virgos are sensitive and can sometimes feel lost. But, there are many Virgo crystals that people with this zodiac sign can use to achieve their highest being and feel more fulfilled.

Which Crystal Is Good For Virgo?

Blue Sapphire precisely represents Virgo as it’s the birthstone for people born under this sign. Blue Sapphire crystal is one of the best Virgo crystals because they share the same element – earth.

The properties of earth are much related to being grounded, stable, unwavering, and pragmatic, all these traits can be easily traced within a Virgo.

Apart from its birthstone, there are many more gemstones that represent Virgos the best. Let me tell you about the 10 Best Virgo Crystals that’ll help you enhance your abilities and banish your fears.

10 Best Virgo Crystals

1. Green Jade

Virgo Crystals

Green jade is one of the most powerful Virgo Crystals. This stone is known to enhance the positive traits of Viro like their eye for detail, sharpening of the critical eye, and making them more clearer towards their goal.

As Virgos are peace-loving beings, the properties of Green Jade that promote peace and harmony are highly potential for their well-being. The green jade gemstone eases the Virogos’ minds and instills calmness.

Wearing a green jade pendant can really help Virgos stay balanced and in harmony.

2. Amazonite

Virgo Crystals

Amazonite is associated with earth and so is the sign Virgo. This makes Amazonite one of the perfect Virgo crystals. It brings balance to the energies of the Virgo.

Not just this crystal for Virgo boosts the positive traits but also combats the negatives. Amazonite help Virgos give up their obsessive nature and improves their emotional state.

The stone is helpful in relieving fears and worries. It allows them to accept the imperfections that define them.

Carrying amazonite tumbled stone in the pocket or purse can help Virgos to give up their obsessiveness and keep their emotional state free and happy.

3. Moss Agate

Virgo Crystals

Since Virgos are very sensitive, their emotions fluctuate often. A small act of kindness can bring joy or tears to them. Similarly, little harsh words can hurt them easily or make them very angry.

To avoid being on the verge of extreme emotions, moss agate crystals can genuinely help the Virgos balance their mood swings. Moss agate is among the best choices as Virgo crystals as it teaches to remain patient and optimistic.

Moss agate is also said to have a deeper connection with nature, earth, and plants as compared to any other gemstone. Thus, this crystal for Virgo is best to make you feel grounded and close to the energies of nature.

Moss Agate healing towers are widely used to connect with the positive energies and relieve the negativity from within you and around you.

4. Blue Tourmaline

Virgo Crystals

Blue Tourmaline is the stone for confidence. It instills self-assurance and clears self-doubt. It’s amazing how Virgos can seem so confident where inside them they’re always doubting decisions based on they might be hurting someone.

When you keep blue tourmaline close to you, you feel more confident and have more clarity.

5. Amethyst

Virgo Crystals

Amethyst is among the best Virgo crystals as well as anxiety crystals. This healing stone alleviates stress, anxiety, depression, and worries.

If you are a worrier, you need to use Amethyst to liberate yourself from stressful thoughts. This stone is also the absorber of negative energies. It protects you from every evil eye and electromagnetic pollutants.

Amethyst crystal brings a spiritual factor to the analytical thoughts for the Virgo. It inspires the calm and soothing energies to promote the well-being of the Virgos’ mental health.

6. Smoky Quartz

Virgo Crystals

Virgos have deep-seated fears that they themselves fear to face. These fears may not be easy to trace in their behavior but highly affects their perception.

Smoky quartz crystal for Virgo brings all the fears to the surface like the smoke in the wind. It gives you the courage to face your fears, resolve them, and have a more fearless state within you.

7. Red Jasper

Virgo Crystals

Red Jasper is another grounding stone for Virgo. These amazing Virgo crystals increase balance and emotional focus.

As anxious as Virgo can be sometimes, red Jasper crystal is for emotional frustrations, anxious moods, and irritated energy. Red Jasper instills calmness and relaxation. 

8. Fluorite

Virgo Crystals

Fluorite is another wonderful crystal for Virgos since it promotes mental clarity and vibrance to the energy. It promotes intuition and enhances the higher self.

Fluorite crystals are said to provide a healthy balance to the Virgos’ minds that are generally very analytical.

9. Citrine

Virgo Crystals

Citrine is said to bring wealth into the lives of Virgos, hence considered one of the best Virgo crystals. With Virgos being the perfectionists, Citrine helps them to be positive when things are not great.

10. Lapis Lazuli

Virgo Crystals

Lapis Lazuli is excellent for the throat chakra. Since Virgos are pretty shy, it helps them with their oral communication. Again, this another blue crystal for Virgo is also used to instill serenity and calmness in the mind.

Bonus Read

Virgos are analytical, emotional, and peace-loving folks. Anything that can bring harmony to their soul is adored by them – be it is going to the roots of something. And, Virgo crystals are among them. The use of these crystals can give a lot of peace as well as clarity to your mind.

These are also some of the most popular crystals in the USA since these are gemstones that are in high demand.

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