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7 Best Crystal Bracelets For Men: Benefits, Meaning, & More

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Different healing crystals have different healing benefits and people use them for different purposes. These healing crystals are widely used for mental, emotional, physical, as well as spiritual healing.

These gemstones are used differently and one of the most common uses is to wear crystal healing bracelets. Today, I am going to share with you the 7 best crystal bracelets for men to keep them balanced and harness their overwhelming masculine energies.

What Is Crystal Bracelet?

Made with natural crystals and gemstones, healing bracelets are woven healing charms that brush against the body to allow all-day healing. These are easy to carry around since you can just keep them wearing while doing daily tasks and even sleeping.

Crystal Bracelets help the energies of the body to be centered and channelized equally. These healing bracelets help release the energy blockages and clear the mind and soul to let the positive energies flow in.

7 Best Crystal Bracelets For Men

1. Howlite

Crystal Bracelet

Howlite is the crystal that every man needs. It is best to harness your masculine energies that might be destroying you from the inside out. This crystal bracelet will help you achieve everything that you might be lacking.

Howlite teaches patience, eliminates anger, stress, and pain. This healing crystal increases your hunger for knowledge and understanding. It keeps you calm and balanced and also ensures the better assimilation of calcium into your body. 

2. Onyx

Crystal Bracelet

Get ready to resolve your challenging emotions and let go of grief and past emotions. Men can be very stubborn at letting go of their past and this could affect their present lives too.

Onyx seamlessly surfaces the past emotions and helps you let go of them. The forgiveness is painless and it doesn’t hurt you to face bad memories again. Onyx is the soother for the wounded soul.

Also, an onyx bracelet is best for balancing the Yin-Yang energies. Wear this healing bracelet daily to feel centered, wiser, and reach the root cause of the issues.

3. Aquamarine

Crystal Bracelet

The name aquamarine mirrors its properties. The aquamarine crystal bracelet soothes and cools down the temper of the wearer. So if you’re a man struggling with anger issues, then this haling crystal is best for you.

It tranquilizes your nerves and allows you to see every conflict with different perspectives for better decision-making. Aquamarine enhances your tolerance, overcomes judgemental behavior, and supports you when you’re under overwhelming responsibilities.

4. Turquoise

Crystal Bracelet

There are three major things that women are good at than men – Intuition, understanding, and communication. And, turquoise is best that instilling all three things first.

Turquoise instills a better understanding to solve the issues and improve a romantic relationship. Also, turquoise is directly associated with your throat chakra that opens communication. It is the stone for vocalizing your thoughts and emotions to feel liberated and satisfied.

Wear a turquoise crystal bracelet to allow your mind to be more honest, creative, and intuitive while feeling extremely wise, hopeful, and protected under its energies.

5. Black Obsidian

Crystal Bracelet

Black Obsidian crystal bracelet for men is perfect as this haling stone cleanses the psychic aura to offer you clarity and protection from the evil spirits.

Since men often find it hard to tackle pressure and struggles, black obsidian is perfect to calm your mind and allow you better decision-making. This healing crystal is also known to attract financial gains and increase prosperity.

It is also the symbol of prophecy that helps make your manifestations and desires come true. Black Obsidian is the luckiest of them all and it is said that wearing a black obsidian bracelet on the left hand can enhance its energies. 

6. Tiger Eye

Crystal Bracelet

The Tiger eye is the protector of the wearer. Wearing a tiger-eye bracelet assists in improving the focus and resolving the problems by clearing the clouds of emotions.

Tiger eye gemstone is particularly useful in enhancing your brave strengths and alleviating fears. Thus, it is the stone to boost your masculine energies for good. Enhance your power and courage and be fearless with this amazing crystal bracelet for men.

7. Lava

Crystal Bracelet

A lava crystal bracelet is another great choice for men. Lava crystal instills heavy spiritual acknowledgment. It is also good for cleansing negative thoughts and tranquil the mind.

Lava crystal also stimulates creativity which is an element that men often lack. In addition to that, lava crystal also helps enhance intuitive abilities and be more analytical while taking huge decisions.

Bonus Read

Every person has masculine as well as feminine energies inside of them. If you are a man, it’s likely that your masculine energies dominate you. However, it’s important to understand that no human can attain peace until their energies are balanced.

These healing bracelets balance your energies while polishing the masculine energies to use them in a wiser yet powerful form that benefits others. Wear these crystal bracelets for men to calm your soul and strengthen your energies.

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