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Opal Crystal: Healing properties, Meaning, Benefits, & Uses

Opal Crystal Healing properties, Meaning, Benefits, & Uses

Opal or Opalite crystals are among the most powerful healing crystals associated with the element water. An element that plays a huge role in our well-being. Not just physically, but emotionally and spiritually as well. It is an element of nature that can help us be clear-headed, emotionally aware, and live healthy relationships.

Here, we are sharing everything you must learn about Opal Crystal before you welcome it into your life. You’ll learn about the meaning, the types of crystals, their healing properties, zodiac birthstones, and more.

Without wasting any more time, let’s get started.

What does Opal Stone mean?

Opal is a precious stone that is normally worn for its ability to accept, love, and renewal. It is a very popular stone and is found in various types, colors, and shapes. Moreover, it is a stone that is known to intensify emotions, enhance positive experiences,  and recover from past traumas.

Types of Opal

Opal gemstones can be found in various types and shapes depending on their origin. Some of the most common types of Opal crystal are:

White Opal

White opal crystal is the most common type of crystal that you can find. It works with your Crown chakra and is known to bring higher intelligence, spiritual wealth, and higher consciousness into your lives.

If you constantly suffer from headaches or migraines, you can wear a White Opal bracelet or necklace to get early relief and eventually stop the repeating cycles.

Violet Opal

Violet Opal is another type of opal crystal that is found in Violet color. It is a stone that is associated with the Third Eye Chakra. A Chakra that helps in strengthening your intuition, growing your wisdom, and enhancing your manifestation ability.

Blue Opal

Blue opal crystal is a beautiful healing crystal that is associated with our throat chakra. It is a stone that keeps us on the path of truth and understands the intention of the people much more easily. If someone is diagnosed with Thyroid, Blue opal can help in rebalancing the hormones and curing it in the long run.

Green & Pink Opal

Green and Pink opal are two different types of the opal when compared to other ones. These are the crystals that instantly share a sense of love and grounding when you see them. In addition to that, they are the crystals that work towards aligning your heart chakra.

This fills you with a sense of satisfaction, love, and trust something that people are lacking in their day-to-day lives.

Yellow Opal

Feeling lost out of energy, daily? Maybe using a yellow opal crystal would be a great idea. It is a stone that aligns your Solar Plexus. A chakra that is responsible for spreading energy throughout your body.

Ethiopian Opal

The Ethiopian opal is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful opal stones that you can wear. It is a stone that brings ancient wisdom with it and gives you the ability to have an experienced view of various situations.

Fire Opal

The Fire Opal is one of the most sensual stones that aligns your Sacral Chakra. A stone that is known to amplify your senses and enhance your creativity. Fire Opal crystal helps in ensuring that your energy levels are in check and you are able to interpret situations better.

Black & Boulder Opal

Black and Boulder Opal are another great type of Opal crystal that is known to work with our Root Chakra. It is a chakra that grounds our energy and keeps us calm and confident. It is also a chakra that helps you feel secure and hence makes it easy for you to make the right decisions.

Healing properties of Opal

After learning about the various types of Opal crystal, now let’s turn our focus to its healing properties. The healing properties of Opal gemstones vary a lot depending on the type of crystal you have. But here are some common healing properties of Opal that you’ll find helpful in your life.

Physical Healing

Talking about the physical healing of Opal crystal, we must remember that it is stone with the element of water. An element that represents purity in nature. Opal gemstones help in flushing toxins out of our bodies.

If someone is suffering from a long-term chronic illness, wearing opal can really be helpful.

It is a stone filled with the energy of young and energetic youth that is shared with you. If you feel tired more often and are looking looking for something that can help you reconnect with the lost energy, Opal crystals can really be the best healing crystal for you.

Emotional Healing

Our emotional, that is, our mental health is as important as our physical health. Opal crystal helps in bringing balance and harmony to our lives.

It is a stone that heals our past pain and helps us get over them. In addition to that, the Opal gemstone understands the returning patterns of emotions and helps us break them.

Most importantly, the stone helps in making sure that our reaction is always in our control. This ensures that every reaction and action we choose is controlled resulting in building better connections in our lives.

Spiritual Healing

Once we are happy with our physical and emotional health, now it is time that we focus on our spiritual health.

Just like Opal crystal has helped you in enriching your body and mind, it is stone that will help you elevate your consciousness as well. 

Opal gemstones help you in connecting with your higher self, enhance your concentration, and give you much more fluidity in your thinking. Being part of the water element, the stone also calms and cools your anger, which further helps in syncing all your chakras and communicating with the world better.

Who should wear Opal gemstone?

Opal gemstones are normally worn by people who are born with the zodiac signs Libra and Tauras. But since the stone is also associated with the water element, Capricorn, Aquarius, Gemini, and Virgo zodiac signs are also recommended to wear this stone.

What Chakra is Opal Crystal?

Since there are various types of opal gemstones, there are different chakras that the crystal works with. But the most common Opal gemstone, the White Opal crystal works with the Crown Chakra. The topmost chakra that helps in achieving higher consciousness and spiritual strength in our lives.

Final Words

Wearing Opal crystal can really be helpful when you are looking to rebalance your energy and are ready to accept the positive changes in your life. It is a gemstone that works from within and helps you in creating a permanent change in your life. That is the reason, it is among the most trending crystals in the world.

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