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8 Best Crystal Bracelets For Women: Benefits, Meaning & More

Best Crystal Bracelets For Women

Finding the best crystal bracelets for women can really be hard sometimes. The reason is their physical and emotional connection with nature.

Unlike men, women experience a high influence from nature. Now be it the sun, the moon, the rotation of the earth, or the eclipse.

For that same reason, it is very important that we pick crystals that reduce this constant shift and help in rebalancing our energy naturally. Here, we are sharing the 8 best crystal bracelets for women, along with their meanings and why you should wear them.

But before that, let’s us understand one thing.

Why wear crystal bracelets?

Healing crystal bracelets are easy-to-wear healing crystal jewelry that allows you to stay in touch with the crystals for a good portion of the day.

And unlike other powerful forms of crystals like pyramids, towers, and palm stones, you can carry these crystals very easily.

This constant connection between the skin and the crystal enhances the healing effect, giving you much higher benefits than you would normally get.

Now that we know why one should wear healing crystal bracelets, let us learn about the 7 best crystal bracelets for women.

8 Best Crystal Bracelets For Women


Amethyst is a part of the quartz crystal family that has a diverse range and types of crystals that we can wear. Amethyst specifically is a stone that is known for its protection and at the same time healing properties.

It is a stone that is really helpful for women that are going through a major change in life. Especially if it’s pregnancy, a new work-life, or a loss of someone close. In situations that tend to overwhelm and create emotional resistance, the Amethyst stone helps in overcoming them.

Other than this, it is a stone that can really be helpful in balancing our hormones; enhancing the immune system, improving skin’s appearance; and promoting a healthy digestive system.


Selenite is a pure charging crystal that is usually used to cleanse and charge other healing crystals. But since we are listing the best crystal bracelets for women, it is really important that we understand the benefits of this healing crystal thoroughly.

It is a stone that is extremely impactful when it comes to eliminating the negative energies in our lives. It is a stone that draws its energies from nature and keeps our energies in check. Moreover, it is a stone that is known for its ability to balance our feminine and masculine energies.

This makes it among the most influential stones in our lives that you can wear regularly. 


Moonstone is one of the most powerful and pleasing healing crystals for women. Its ability to rebalance our energy and keep our emotions in check really makes it among the first picks for women.

Other than this, it is a stone that is believed to help in curing some serious common problems like regular skin problems, unnatural hair fall, irregular digestive system, and serious issues of fleshy organs like the liver and pancreas.

Being a guard of feminine energy, this stone protects from any negative energy that affects the mood and results in uncalculated decisions. Moreover, it enhances powerful feminine energy like intuition, understanding intention, emotional stability, focus, and drive to achieve personal goals.

Moonstone healing crystal bracelets for women make this super breezy and natural once you accept it in your life.

Rose Quartz

The list of the best crystal bracelets for women can’t be completed without mentioning the rose quartz bracelet. It is a stone that is filled with feminine energy and is highly used in the beauty industry.

The stone helps in purifying our blood, regulating evenly, and managing our hormones throughout the month. Other than this, their stone is often worn by people to accept unconditional love in their lives.

If you are looking to get into a meaningful relationship and are looking for the right person, it is recommended to wear rose quartz. It will help you stay confident, be your true self and attract the right people in your life.

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is a dark stone that looks amazing, is highly in touch with your conscious. It is a stone that ensures that you are safe from any kind of manipulation; and are able to make decisions solely on what you believe is right.

It is a protection stone that keeps you safe from any kind of negative energy, evil eye, or unwanted situations that we tend to attract in our lives regularly.

Black tourmaline is a stone that makes sure you are always consciously aware of the decisions you make. Making it among the best crystal bracelets for women, looking to work for leadership positions, and balancing family at the same time.

Tiger Eye

Talking about leadership, let us also learn about the one crystal that was worn by the leaders of tribes from ages ago. The Tiger Eye crystal bracelets for women is a very powerful stone that attracts power, position, and wealth.

It is a stone that helps in making tough decisions by evaluating them rightfully. In addition to that, the stone also gives you the ability to predict the future much more efficiently.

All this gives you an unfair advantage making you a perfect fit for the leadership role that you might be looking for.


Growing up, a woman often takes up some tough roles in life. This results in loss of excess energy and getting burned out more regularly. For that, citrine crystal bracelets for women would be a great accessory to wear regularly.

Citrine stones act as a source of energy and creativity that helps us all space of life. This helps in enhanced problem solving, ensuring better mental health, and having better communication with the partner.

In addition to that, citrine stones also ensure superior health, better digestion, and release of toxins from our body.

Seven Chakra Bracelet

After learning about these 8 best crystal bracelets for women, you must look for the one bracelet that can help you with everything we just discussed. And while the intensity of energy will vary, you can always get yourself a seven-chakra bracelet.

This is a very mindful collection of complementing stones that help you balance all your energies and chakras at the same time. This is a crystal stone bracelet anyone can wear as the goal of this stone is to re-align all your seven chakras.

This enhances the flow of energy in our body, giving us much more control over our thoughts and actions we take under influence.

Bonus Read

And with that, we conclude this list of the 8 best crystal bracelets for women. But does this mean these are the only crystals a woman can wear?

Not at all. These are just our top picks that any woman can wear, other than this, you can always choose the bracelets that fit your problems the most.

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