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10 Best Crystal Pendants | Benefits, Meaning, Types, Uses, and More

Crystal pendants are amazing for healing. These beautiful pendants are not just aesthetically appealing when worn as crystal jewelry. These crystal pendants possess great powers to heal your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health.

There are different types of crystal pendants that can be worn every day to allow the vibrations of the crystal and gemstones to flow through you. When you wear crystal pendants, they touch your neck allowing them to brush against your skin.

Wearing them daily ensures complete healing and the absorption of the healing benefits easily.

In this article, I’ll be telling you about the best crystal pendants, their types, and which crystal pendants you should be buying as a beginner.

7 Most Popular Crystal Pendants For Everyone

1. Raw crystal pendants

Crystal Pendant

One of the most popular types of pendants is raw crystal pendants. These are just made with a raw healing crystal lump that is wrapped with a wire. This wire can have a loop for the thread to be pulled in and then can be tied around the neck.

Such pendants are trending and look very pretty. If you have any healing crystal, you can too break it into a small size and make your own DIY crystal pendant.

2. Tumbled stone pendants

Crystal Pendant

Tumbled stones are small polished crystals with smooth surfaces. These crystal pendants are also wrapped with a thick wire. Mostly they are wrapped with sterling silver to improve their life span as well as enhance their healing benefits.

Tumbles stone crystal pendants can be worn by anyone. Their smooth surface is even perfect for babies and children unlike raw crystal pendants since they might bruise the children’s soft skin.

3. Tree of life pendants

Crystal Pendant

The tree of life is the symbol of growth, beauty, and personal strength. It enhances the uniqueness and beauty of an individual and reflects personal development.

The tree of life shows that your life is almost like a tree, whereas long as you’re attached to your roots and growing upwards, you’re living your life to the fullest. Be useful to someone just as a fully grown tree and attract others with your charm, beauty, and goodness.

Wearing a tree of life pendant aid in enhancing such meanings of life. You can find a tree of life pendant made with crystals and gemstones or made with silver, copper, or other metal.

4. Crystal tower pencil pendants

Crystal Pendant

These pendants look exactly like crystal towers but smaller in size. Of course, the size of the pendants. Pencil tower pendants are pointy at the end and their flat part is covered with a bail or wrapped wire so that the thread can be pulled into for wearing.

These crystal pendants are of the most common design. It is said that the pointy, sleek shape of this pendant allows it to collect all the energies and direct it with force through its pointy end.

This allows the energies to be channeled right into the body when worn around the neck.

5. Carving pendants

Crystal Pendant

Crystal carving pendants are among the most beautiful pendants to wear. You can buy these in any available shape like stars, moon, clouds, and more.

Carving pendants symbolize desires and the shape reflects the person’s characteristics. Having these pendants close to you make you feel more like yourself while still attaining their healing benefits.

6. Teardrop pendant

Crystal Pendant

Teardrop is a more women’s favorite crystal jewelry shape but can be worn by any gender. It has sophistication and chicness that make this piece of jewelry perfect for wearing on every occasion and in every outfit.

Tear-shaped pendants have a very deep and wiser meaning that connects with your soul to understand the meaning of life.

It reflects that whatever properties, compositions, and life that exists in an ocean can all be identified using it’s just one droplet. Thye symbolizes that the whole is just within its smaller individuals.

7. Orgone Pendant

Crystal Pendant

Orgone is associated with a hypothetical life force. It has esoteric energies that help you heal the wounds of your soul. Orgone pendants are great at protecting you from cancer-causing electromagnetic waves and keep you clean from other harmful things in the environment.

Orgone pendants can be of many shapes but you may most likely see them in the shape of teardrops. These can be worn by anyone, men or women.

10 Best Crystal Pendants For Beginners

1. Amethyst pendant

Crystal Pendant

Amethyst wards off negativity, anxiety, and stress. It’s the perfect crystal pendant for anyone looking to free their soul and improve their mental health.

Its deep purple hues keep the negativity and evil spirits away from you while attractive positivity.

2. Black tourmaline pendant

Crystal Pendant

Black tourmaline is the protector and cleanser. It enhances mental clarity and guards you against demonic energies and psychic attacks.

Wearing a black tourmaline pendant cleanses your aura and makes your feel more purified and liberated from heart and mind.

3. Clear quartz pendant

Crystal Pendant

Clear quartz mirrors the qualities of its name. It is the crystal for clarity. In fact, clear quartz is among the few healing crystals that amplify your energies as well as the energies of other crystals that you use with it.

Wear a clear quartz pendant to balance your energies, enhance mental clarity, boost concentration and feel cleansed.

4. 7 Chakra pendant

Crystal Pendant

7 Chakra pendant consists of 7 healing stones associated with 7 different chakras of your body. Generally, the most common combination of a 7 chakra pendant would be:

  • Amethyst = Crown chakra
  • Lapis Lazuli = Third-eye chakra
  • Turquoise = Throat chakra
  • Green Aventurine = Heart chakra
  • Citrine = Solar Plexus chakra
  • Clear Quartz = Sacral chakra
  • Red Jasper = Root chakra

Wearing the seven chakra pendant helps you balance and align all the chakras of your body to offer physical, spiritual, and mental healing.

5. Jade pendant

Crystal Pendant

Jade is the stone for beauty, fortune, and harmony. It has been used for ages to enhance the beauty and is widely used for making face rollers and gua sha.

It helps in skin brightening by rejuvenating the skin cells and allowing better and healthier blood flow to the skin. Wearing a jade pendant can hel0p you enhance beauty, effectively attract luck and happiness. Jade is also known to bring peace into relationships.

6. Agate pendant

Crystal Pendant

Agate is one of the most powerful crystals and gemstones. Wearing crystal jewelry made with agate helps with innumerable things. It improves mental function, boosts concentration, develops analytical abilities and perception.

Agate is a soothing stone that controls anger and rage and makes you feel calmer and peaceful. It strengthens relationships and brings good luck.

7. Pearl pendant

Crystal Pendant

Pearl is recommended to people struggling with anger issues. It connects your energies with the moon, kills the ill effects of the moon, and makes you feel cooler and tranquil.

Pearl diminishes the negative effects of planets on the wearer and brings emotional balance to the raged person.

8. Tiger eye pendant

Crystal Pendant

Tiger eye unclouds the clouded emotions. It encourages you to be brave while guarding you against bad omen. Wearing a tiger eye pendant is known to help with psychosomatic illnesses, dispelling anxiety, and fear.

9. Rose quartz pendant

Crystal Pendant

Rose quartz is the best crystal for love and compassion. It is the healing crystal to attract new love, enhance self-love, self-awareness, and self-confidence.

Wearing a rose quartz pendant clears the blockages to let the positive energies and love flow easily. Its calm vibrations make you calm and feel loved.

10. Rainbow moonstone pendant

Crystal Pendant

Rainbow moonstone is another great healing crystal for compassion, endurance, self-confidence, and creativity. It brings balance and harmony into one’s lifestyle.

For crystal jewelry, it’s the perfect gemstone to be worn around the neck since when it reflects, it shows a vivid range of colors, especially a blue light.


What are crystal pendants for?

Once you start wearing a crystal pendant daily, it starts to act as a talisman. The heavy crystal resting on your skin stimulates vibrations that seamlessly vibrate across your body. Depending on the healing crystal of the pendant, the healing benefits continuously get channelized throughout the body. It is the perfect jewelry piece for men, women, as well as children.

What is the best crystal to wear every day?

The best crystals to wear every day are amethyst, rose quartz, jade, pearl, obsidian, and other crystals of seven chakras.

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Wearing crystal pendants can help you closely feel the healing vibrations of crystals and gemstones. The crystal pendants mentioned above are perfect for you and your family.

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