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Real Amethyst Vs Fake: How to spot the difference

Real Amethyst Vs Fake How to spot the difference

One of the simplest ways to differentiate between real amethyst and fake amethyst is to look for imperfections in it. The beauty of nature is that it’s imperfect and still balanced.

If you are looking at an Amethyst stone with just one shade of purple all over it, chances are it’s a fake. Real Amethyst crystals have various range of colors ranging from dark purple to light lavenders all over them.

The popularity of Amethyst crystal is surely one reason why there are so many fakes out there. But to make sure that you buy the real authentic amethyst crystal, here are a few ways that’ll help you spot the difference.

How to tell if an Amethyst is Real?


We discuss at the start that the color of the fake amethyst is normally consistent, as it is hard to create various shades in a fake crystal. A real amethyst crystal is part of the quartz crystal family, which is known to go through tough environments.

This results in impurities within the surface of the crystal as well. Along with color zoning in the real crystal, you will also find remains of dirt and impurity. Look for them, and in case you find no impurities, there is a possibility that the crystal is fake.

Scratch Resistance

Amethyst gemstones belong to the quartz group of crystals, giving them a good resistance towards scratch. How to test scratch resistance of the Amethyst? There are three levels of tests that you can do.

For the first and the basic level, you can scratch the surface of the Amethyst crystal with your nails. This is the most important test that makes sure that it’s not a cheap fake. Next, take another gemstone that you already have and rub it against the Amethyst crystal.

This should again leave no scratch on the surface of the crystal. And lastly, take an expensive knife and try to add a scratch on the surface. A real Amethyst crystal should withstand all the scratch tests.

Bubble Vs Threads

This is something really exciting to learn that can help you find real Amethyst vs fake. All the authentic real crystals are formed under the surface of the earth, going through intense pressure and temperature.

This results in the formation of bubbles under the surface, but not in Quartz crystals. And since Amethyst belongs to the Quartz family of crystals, you should not see bubbles in it.

Instead, you’ll see the formation of thread in these crystals. When buying an amethyst crystal, have a look at it and you’ll be able to see if it’s a real amethyst or a fake.

Injected Dye

One of the easiest ways to know make a fake crystal is by injecting dye within it through the cracks. This is a really efficient way to make a fake with one easy flaw to spot.

The crack itself. When you are looking to buy real amethyst crystal, look at the cracks very closely. If it has remains of pigment or dye (which is present in the case of injected dye) the crystal is surely fake.

Look out for cracks and pigment and you’ll easily be able to spot if it is a fake Amethyst.


The origin of any stone can really help you learn a lot about whether the crystal is real or fake. So if you are looking to buy an Amethyst crystal or any other crystal, do not hesitate in asking the origin of the stone.

If it’s fake, the vendor would try to talk you out of it, but if it’s real they would face no problem sharing the information with you. Just so you know, most of the Amethyst in the world is mined in Siberia, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Uruguay, and parts of China & Russia.


What is the price of a real Amethyst stone? Normally an Amethyst stone can cost you around $15 to $25 depending on its quality and the location you buy. Anything less is probably fake, and anything more must be thoroughly checked with a certificate of proof.

While buying Amethyst stone you must remember that it is a semi-precious stone with huge demand. So make sure you understand the pricing very well before actually going out and buying it.


The last and the most important point is the vendor you choose to buy real Amethyst crystal. It is highly recommended that you buy all your crystals from popular crystal shops or sites. A good vendor will have a range of products and crystals.

Find a vendor that you can trust and learn more about them by talking to them and finalizing your order.

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