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7 Best Quartz Crystal Balls Meaning, Benefits, And Uses You Should Know

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Quartz crystal balls are the guilty pleasures of people wanting to know their fortune, horoscope, and understand their future.

If you’re someone interested in knowing crystal ball meaning, benefits, and uses, then this article is for you. So, let’s find out what is a quartz ball and what are the best quartz balls that you should use.

What Is Crystal Ball Used For?

The crystal spheres have been used for ages by psychics and fortune tellers to tell the fortune and future of people. A crystal ball, also known as a crystal sphere or orbuculum is used for gazing to understand the pattern and find answers to a person’s questions. It is usually associated with sixth sense and scrying.

Who Can Use Crystal Ball?

Anyone looking for peace, positivity, and good mental, physical, and emotional healing can use quartz crystal balls. Though these healing balls are indeed used by psychics and fortune-tellers, believing that only they can use them is a myth.

Crystal balls should be used by everyone who wants to attain healing from crystals. In fact, crystal spheres are best at creating a subtle and balanced form of energy because of their round shape.

Just like the round shape of the earth, these crystal spheres have a regular and balanced frequency of energies revolving around them for better healing. Their center is highly magnetic to absorb all the negativity while spreading the powerful waves of positivity.

This is the reason why people cup their hands around this ball to feel closer to the energies revolving around the sphere.

Tocrystal is a leading supplier of wholesale crystal spheres with a wide range of natural healing and decorative crystals. Below we are sharing the 7 best quartz crystal balls that enthusiasts buy worldwide.

7 Best Quartz Crystal Balls

1. Clear Quartz

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Clear quartz is very powerful and is known to amplify energies. Keeping a clear quartz ball at your home makes you feel calm, happier, and energized in all situations.

This quartz ball improves the quality of your life, improves the focus of the mind, helps during mediation, and sucks out the negativity. As its name suggests, clear quartz is great at providing clarity in life. It clears the cloud of confusion and gives you better decision-making abilities.

2. Smoky Quartz

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Smoky quartz is there to alleviate anxiety, depression, and stress. It calms your nerves, brings emotional peace, relieves anxiety and stress.

Using this crystal ball helps you provide stability and grounds your unsettling emotions to offer peace. Smoky quartz will eliminate every negative, suicidal thought and fill you with positivity towards life.

Reflecting the meaning of its smoky hue, smoky quartz is the stone for letting go, forgiveness, feeling grounded, and healing old wounds.

3. Rose Quartz

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Rose Quartz is directly associated with unconditional love. Holding and rubbing the rose quartz ball can help you feel its vibrations that help you restore peace and trust in relationships while strengthening the bond.

Rose quartz is best for attracting love, enhancing the meaning of romantic relationships, and encouraging self-love. This quartz crystal ball opens your heart at all levels. It clears blockages for love and positivity to flow in and uplift your mood.

4. Purple Quartz (Amethyst)

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Purple quartz is also popularly known as Amethyst. This crystal sphere uplifts anxiety, depression, and stress. It is the crystal sphere for humility, protection, and spiritual wisdom.

Amethyst spheres have effective healing powers to help with the immune system, digestive health, migraine, and regulating hormones. It is also great for skin and bones health.

5. Tourmalinated Quartz

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Tourmalinated grows together with clear quartz and black tourmaline which makes it the perfect crystal possessing both the energies.

A tourmalinated quartz ball is best for cleansing your aura and inner energies. It surfaces the stagnant emotional patterns and gently clears them.

On the other hand, the specimens of black tourmaline keep you protected from negativity and evil spirits. So, you stay pure, protected, and emotionally balanced with tourmalinated quartz.

6. Yellow Quartz (Citrine)

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Citrine is part of the quartz family. This yellow quartz ball is associated with optimism and a positive mindset. It possesses immense spiritual healing abilities to enhance your senses and boost the power of manifestation.

The small-sized yellow quartz sphere can be placed on the Solar-plexus chakra to activate the spirit.

7. Strawberry Quartz

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Just as sweet and juicy the name, so are its benefits. A Strawberry quartz sphere can fill your life with joy and zest.

It is a comforting and soothing crystal that is associated with love, purification, and communication. You can use this amazing crystal ball to strengthen and balance your Heart and Crown chakra.

Strawberry quartz is also good at harmonizing your energies and releasing blockages to let that energy flow through.

Bonus Read

Quartz crystal balls come in all sizes depending on their use and preferences. These powerful crystal globes create a magnetic field of vibrations around them so that you can find all the energies in one place.

Brush your palms against the crystal sphere to absorb those energies. However, it’s important that the quartz balls that you use are natural and real.

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